22 Great Music Videos

Daft Punk filming a video in New York City

Daft Punk filming a video in New York City

These videos are in no particular order

Alter Bridge // Addicted To Pain (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

“Addicted To Pain”, the new video from ALTER BRIDGE. The clip was shot by award-winning director Dan Catullo. “Addicted To Pain”comes off ALTER BRIDGE’s long-awaited fourth album, “Fortress”, which will be released on October 8 via EMI Label Services. From the opening acoustic guitar work on “Cry Of Achilles” to the closing riff of the epic title track, it is clear ALTER BRIDGE are back to reclaim their place as one of hard rock’s standout acts. The album was helmed by longtime ALTER BRIDGE producer Michael “Elvis” Baskette, known for his work with FALLING IN REVERSE, STORY OF THE YEAR and INCUBUS, to name a few. The debut single, “Addicted To Pain”, is currently impacting radio and is looking to continue the chart-topping success ALTER BRIDGE has come to know around the world.

LE CONTE DU MONDE FLOTTANT “The tale of the floating world” – Directed by Alain Escalle / Musique: Hanako Kimura

In 2002, TEVA and Mistral Films won the grand prize at IMAGINA for an experimental short film (we’re also including the “extrait”) , The Tale of the Floating World directed by Alain Escalle, beating such prestigious competition as Shrek, Amélie and The Lord of the Rings, and was entirely responsible for the fabrication of Storimages’ Pulcinella-winning and International Emmy-nominated special, Harold Peeble, based on the book by famous French illustrator Sempé. In 2006, The Triplets of Belleville, The Dog, the General and the Pigeons and Blackmor’s Treasure were part of an eight-film retrospective of contemporary French animation at the Museum of Modern Art in New York called “Grand Illusions: The Best of Recent French Animation.”

Tom Waits – “Hell Broke Luce”

The expressionistic clip was directed by Matt Mahurin, who has also made videos for U2 and Metallica, and it depicts Waits pulling a house as he growls, “I had a good home but I left.” Images of fire, gas masks and vultures ensue, followed by visages of shark-like warships, body bags and marching skeletons. The depictions of the fallout of war get bloodier and heavier as the video goes on, until Waits sings, “Now I’m home, and I’m blind and I’m broke / What is next?” For a man who has always sounded like he’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, this is the evidence. “Matt Mahurin has created an apocalyptic war dream to accompany the song ‘Hell Broke Luce.’ Kathleen [Brennan, producer] and I envisioned it as an enlightened drill sergeant yelling the hard truths of war to a brand new batch of recruits,” Waits said in a statement. “The video grew from the gnawing image of a soldier pulling his home, through a battlefield, at the end of a rope.” Then, in typical Waitsian fashion, he added, “I think you will agree, it’s uplifting and fun.”

Tame Impala – Solitude is Bliss

Reality and sanity are both focal points in Tame Impala’s video for “Solitude Is Bliss”. Whether or not there’s a deeper meaning behind the images displayed is up for debate; I’d argue for. It fits with the title — the “solitude” our protagonist sees. He is thwarted by the masses but seems aloof in his own world of destruction.

Radiohead – Rabbit In Your Headlights (With Unkle)

It’s hard to write about great music videos without at least mentioning “Rabbit In Your Headlights” by Radiohead. Technically, it’s a split between Thom Yorke and UNKLE. Aesthetically, thematically, and visually, this is one of the great music videos of all time.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky ft Pharrell Williams

Daft Punk reveals itself, startlingly, as an old-school disco jam. Over a groove recalling “We Are Family,” Pharrell sums up club culture in a line – “We’re up all night to get lucky” – alongside the signature funky upstrokes of guitarist/dance music guru Nile Rodgers. Then some talk-boxin’ retro-future robots come in to take us higher still. Is it “EDM”? Does it matter? Either way, as they say in Paris: Formidable.

The Killing Floor –  Star Baby

Creating a music video should be about creating art. “Star Baby”, directed by filmmaker Joel  Schumacher (Batman Forever,  Phantom of the Opera, A Time to Kill, Flatliners, Falling Down, and St. Elmo’s Fire, as well as the music video for INXS’s “Devil Inside”) is off The Killing Floor’s debut self-titled album.  First off, the song is great,  and the emotion comes through easily in this tale of  love, jealousy, infidelity, heartbreak and the all too quickly forgotten memories.  But what really makes ‘Star Baby’ a good music video is that it compliments the art to which it is expanding from audio to video. Second is theme. There are many music videos that are visually stunning, however, a few are impressive instead through the conceptual elements of plot and story.   This is a great  music video, right up through the explosive ending.

MGMT – Your life is a Lie

Some are born weird, some achieve it, others have weirdness thrust upon them. IT’S WORKING for MGMT duo Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser. “Your Life Is a Lie”  has skeletons, a talking dolphin, a poker game, a crying rock, books by “Daryl Oates” and “John Hall,” an elderly man in tighty whities, an egg pyramid, Andrew VanWyngarden as Pinocchio, and Henry Winkler (?) consoling a teenage soccer player are some of the non-sequitor scenes you’ll see in MGMT’s video for “Your Life Is A Lie,” the first single from MGMT.  Director Tom Kuntz crams a ton of ideas into the two minute clip, which is also the year’s weirdest lyric video. It’s begging for the “10 Weirdest Gifs From MGMT’s New Video” treatment.  ”Your Life Is a Lie” has a challenging, looping garage-rock drive, and more niceties than you’d expect from such a quickie: cowbell, an almost comically buzzy high-end, some kind of something solo that you could (yes) call spacey, and a magnificent hook.

“Cool Song No. 2” is the new video of the NYC band featuring Michael K. Williams. A weird music video awaits you here. Fans of MGMT have grown accustomed to the Brooklyn band’s eccentric ways, and their new video for “Cool Song No. 2” (off the group’s self-titled record) is no exception. It sees Michael K. Wiliams—better known as Omar from The Wire, among other roles—as a drug lord called “The Plant Hunter,” for his ability to turn genetically modified plants into drugs. But we get to see another side of the violent man when his lover overdoses and begins to morph into a tree (hey, we told you it was weird). MGMT just announced a massive tour in support of the new album; they’ll play the Barclays Center on December 13 – most likely a sold out show. Hurry up and get your ticket!

MGMT – Your life is a Lie

MGMT – Cool Song No. 2

The Black Keys – Tighten Up

Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, the story this video tells is quite entertaining and more than worthy of several repeat viewings. “Tighten Up” comes from their eighth release (counting both EPs), Brothers, and is the highlight track. Featuring Auerbach and Carney at the local park with two boys, both pairs spot the girl of their dreams and friendship loyalties stray in the most hilarious of manners. See for yourself:

The Naked and Famous – No Way

Special Problems are New Zealanders Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali. “What’s their buzz?” you say? Well the duo are deft hands at making magic out of misery, making the impossible possible. They’ve made some smashing videos for Jonathan Boulet, Wolfmother and Tame Impala and other folks such as Flying Lotus too. The song is The Naked and Famous’ “No Way” from their album, Passive Me, Aggressive You. Their refusal of all things feel-good only adds to the stylistic tension. There’s lots of mental anguish, psychic bruises and “Tearing at the seams” on ‘Frayed’; their most ecstatic hit tune, ‘Punching In A Dream’, concerns violent nightmares; and at the very least ‘Spank’ details a global pandemic, at worst a zombie apocalypse. ‘The Sun’ is all paranoia, recriminations and the terror of lost narcotic hours, while closer ‘Jilted Lovers’ teeters into all-out psychosis, with Alisa’s sublime coo cracking: “Voices in my head multiply/I am such a mess”. A classic case of ugly and beautiful: TN&F’s passive melodicism and aggressive innovation clash in a dazzling blaze of psych/sonic fireworks.

Fredrik – 11 Years (2008)

Fredrik’s music has always blended the ethereal with pop and folk, creating a surreal universe and their videos for “Viskra”, “Milo” and “11 Years” give us a glimpse into these so-called places. “Milo” is colorful and blurry, while “Viskra”, see below, (primarily in black-and-white) shows a snowy world with human like creatures. “11 Years” uses stop-motion photography to create a trippy world within a train car.  11 years is the second music video to be released of Fredrik’s Na Na Ni album. The video was shot in an abandoned train station in rural southern Sweden and later merged with landscapes of black and white trees.

Fredrik – 11 Years (2008)

Fredrik – Viskra

Tobias Froberg  – When We Go To War

Tobias Froberg’s “When We Go To War” is a play on good versus evil, documented theatrically via two professional dancers. And the video fits perfectly with Froberg’s masterpiece. The two individuals within appear normal enough, but when both enter onto the roof of a building, they turn into creatures ready for battle.  Directed by Petter Ringbom, shot by Shane Sigler, featuring dancers Kage Mulvilai and Azumi Oe.  Shot with the RED One (except for the intro).

The Legends

With each new album, Johan Angergård takes The Legends in an exciting new direction. Here you can hear and see three distinct sounds from three separate albums Still, I have a hard time discounting their first one — it has been a mainstay in my regular playlist since discovering shortly after its release (“There And Back Again” is from that release). Both “Lucky Star” and “Always The Same” find The Legends featuring a quirky, awkward dancer and it couldn’t be more fitting thanks to the dancey electro-pop of the former and the  pop vocals and crazy distorted pop guitars of the latter.

Ingenting – Dina händer är fulla av blommor

This song is so touching to begin with, it’s hard not to get emotional when watching this video. Ingenting of Sweden is a rarity in that they sing in their native tongue — most Swedish bands we hear on this side of the ocean have adopted English as a standard for performing. Ingenting “Dina händer är fulla av blommor” [Your Hands Are Full Of Flowers] from Labrador Records on Vimeo.

Sigur Ros  –  Animal Arithmetic

Sigur Ros is now creating music under the moniker Jonsi, and it’s pretty sweet.  The second video for “Go”, Jonsi’s video for “Animal Arithmetic” is done at odd angles, which means it’s not your standard performance video. That makes it a rarity: totally worthwhile. Directed by Dean Deblois.

Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeroes

The concept behind this video is “Desert Song” itself, and in fact it is the first of many from Sharpe-and-entourage. Actually, they’re making an entire movie based on their hit album Up From Below.  Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros “Desert Song” from Benjamin Kutsko on Vimeo.

Thieves Like Us – Shyness

I love videos like the one for “Shyness” by Thieves Like Us. It shows the fleeting awkwardness of teenage love —  You almost feel naughty and guilty watching it.

The Knife –  Silent Shout  [an audiovisual experience]

Easily one of the creepiest music videos around is The Knife’s “Silent Shout”. Once the flashing lights fade, we begin to see odd, misshapen humans and hear The Knife’s equally mind-bending vocals. The result is nightmarish.

Stars –  Warpaint

There is no other way to put it: What Adam Harding does in creating Warpaint’s video for “Stars” is absolutely stunning. Visually, it’s quite impressive; he perfectly captures the dreamy nature of their subtle shoegaze soundscapes, and the nuances of Warpaint’s playful darkness. Furthermore, he creates momentum that moves with the song — particularly in its final moments — a momentum that increases to a powerful climax as the song fades away.  Official music video for “Stars” by Warpaint, taken from the Exquisite Corpse EP (Manimal Vinyl).  Filmed in the ashes of the Angeles National Forest by Adam Harding.  Edited and directed by Burke Roberts and Adam Harding © 2009

Vitalic – Birds

All this video contains is flying dogs and laser beams. Brilliant!  Video made by Pleix films. And that’s all I need to say about Vitalic’s “Birds”.