50 Best Films of 2013 – Film Society Lincoln Center NYC

This is a work in progress by the Film Society Lincoln Center, NYC. We have posted the first 10 films and will keep adding more selections as they become available.

Film Comment magazine resurrects the lost art of the double feature with monthly pairings of cinematic classics, cult and otherwise.

1. Inside Llewyn Davis – Dinner Song / Joel & Ethan Coen, U.S.

2. 12 Years a Slave – Steve McQueen, U.S.

3. Before Midnight – Richard Linklater, U.S.

4. The Act of Killing -Joshua Oppenheimer, Denmark/Norwa/UK/

5. A Touch of Sin – Jia Zhang-ke, China

6. Leviathan- Lucien Castaing-Taylor & Véréna Paravel, France/U.K./U.S.

7. Gravity – Alfonso Cuarón, U.S.

8. Computer Chess – Andrew Bujalski, U.S.

9. Frances Ha – Noah Baumbach, U.S.

10. Upstream Color – Shane Carruth, U.S.