CHAPPO Releases Covers EP, Pays Homage to Jefferson Airplane, Beck


Brooklyn rockers Chappo

Chappo are a Brooklyn-based pop/rock band consisting of vocalist/multi-instrumentalists Alex Chappo and Chris Olson Chappo, along with drummer Zac Colwell and guitarist Dave Feddock.

With the release of their debut album Moonwater in April,  rockers CHAPPO are ready to start touring the country. In order to kick off this tour, the band released Nothin’ To Sell You, an EP of some pretty fantastic covers.

The band pays homage to Jefferson Airplane, Beck, Caveman, and Kenny Rogers. These covers tap into a trippy, psych-pop sort of mood, capturing the essence of the originals and marking them with the CHAPPO brand all at once. The EP comes with a limited edition poster with artwork by lead singer Alex Chappo. Take a listen below, and be sure to snag up the physical copy of the EP.

Chappo sat down backstage at Bonnaroo 2012 to chat with Rolling Stone about the band’s Craigslist origins, the benefit of commercial syncs, and their latest record, Moonwater. “We recorded in a makeshift studio up in Vermont,” says frontman Alex Chappo. “We kind of hauled a bunch of our gear there and set up a satellite studio outside of New York. It was really cold, it was January, so daylight would end around 4 p.m., so we had to force ourself to try to get out to see a little sun. And then it would drop snow on us at night and we would record throughout the night.”

Uploaded on Mar 23, 2011

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