Stream: Deerhunter’s Lockett Pundt’s new Lotus Plaza cassette

Deer Hunter

When not riffing as the guitarist for Deerhunter, Lockett Pundt releases music under his solo moniker, Lotus Plaza. This week he follows up his 2012 LP Spooky Action at a Distance with a cassette tape titled Overnight Motorcycle Music. Though it only features two tracks, “Indian Paintbrush” and “Gemini Pt. 1″, both are extensive — we’re talking at least 10 minutes each (!) — and eerily ethereal rock instrumentals that seem to push the boundaries of texture and time. Check them out below.





Purchase here:
Catalog #: GN17
seafoam cassette tape, limited to 100

Lockett Pundt has never shied away from spiraling fractals of guitar-based ephemera, charting new routes of art-punk and experimental pop with Deerhunter, while creating breaths of cyclical dreamgaze under solo moniker Lotus Plaza. While ever earnest, seldom has Pundt reached the degree of intimacy found on Overnight Motorcycle Music. The EP’s two offerings subscribe to a comfortably isolated space, while reducing LP’s assured nostalgia to its solemn core.

“Indian Paintbrush” unfurls its quietly disarming movements, exploring dimly lit textures and muted tones, once enigmatic yet still warm. Nary a rhythm section to be found, and clocking in at just under 14 minutes, it is a rigid masterpiece of modest, guitar-based symphony.

Further down the psyche we are greeted with the softly haunting “Gemini Pt. 1” hosting sheets of tonal bliss ideal for the serenity of the open road, but crafted in the most confined quarters. There is little distraction here—simply some soul-baring.