Premiere: Green Day Rip Through ‘Stay the Night’

The band offer a taste of their album trilogy

The release of Green Day’s ¡Uno!, the first installment of their new album trilogy, is just around the corner – today, to be exact!

You can check out a video of the band ripping through their bare-bones, euphoric rock track “Stay the Night” in a video recorded at their Orange County rehearsal space in August.

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© 2012 WMG Watch the official video from the next track “Stay The Night” from ¡Uno!. Directed by Farm League.

Green Day at the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performs onstage during the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 21st, 2012 in Las Vegas.

Green Day at the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival

In the Crowd
Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day performs onstage during the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 21st, 2012 in Las Vegas.

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Green Day Smashes Guitars, Storms Off Stage at iHeartRadio

Remains of the (Green) Day: 40 yr-old Billie Joe Armstrong discards the neck of his guitar at iHeartRadio Music Festival (Getty Images)

September 22, 2012 9:45 EDT
Billboard –

Just when penultimate performers Green Day were getting ready to debut new songs from “Uno!” (out Tuesday and the first of three albums due from the rock trio this fall), a teleprompter visible from the crowd suggested otherwise.”One minute?!” lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong howled. “I’m not Justin Bieber, you motherf*ckers! You gotta be f*ckin’ joking. I got one minute, one minute left. Now I got nothing left. Let me show you what one minute f*cking means.”

And with that, Armstrong and his bandmates proceeded to smash their guitars for their remaining seconds onstage — to thunderous applause, no less. “One minute. God f*ckin’ rob you all. We’ll be back,” Armstrong said as they stormed off the stage.

What did he mean by that? Day 2 of IHeartRadio starts tomorrow, and thus far the band’s official Twitter page (and label Warner Bros.) have remained mum on the situation. But with an itinerary that was only 25 minutes behind schedule by the time Green Day took the stage at 11:30 pm PT ( originally slated for 11:05), and following longer sets from Usher and Jason Aldean, letting the band play an extra song or two couldn’t have hurt.

VIDEOS: Billboard @ iHeartRadio Music Festival

Green Day in New York: Armstrong sounds like he’s firing his bullets wildly !

Green Day Blast Through Raucous 40-Song Set in New York. Rolling Stone.

Green Day. Photo: Jessica Lehrman

“Do you want a party, or do you want a celebration?” Billie Joe Armstrong asked at a hectoring pitch over the rhythm-section break in “Letterbomb,” during Green Day’s September 15th performance at New York’s Irving Plaza. There was an indistinct so-so roar from the floor, so Armstrong shouted the question again, louder, like a preacher addressing hard-of-hearing sinners. Still unsatisfied with the answer, the singer-guitarist looked out at the tightly packed mob and bellowed, “There’s a fucking difference!”

The wily Armstrong actually had it both ways, all night. And it was a long one. Green Day – in sextet form with Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt, drummer Tré Cool and second guitarist Jason White supplemented at points by a keyboard player and background singer – played for over two-and-a-half hours, racing through more than 40 songs if you include the classic-rock teases of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell,” Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama.”

The first half-hour of the show – an invite-heavy event promoting the band’s tie-in with Nokia and AT&T’s new music-streaming service – featured a streak of songs from ¡Uno! (Reprise), the first of Green Day’s three new albums, out this week, with an unexpected shot of “Stop When the Red Lights Flash,” from November’s ¡Dos!, in the middle. There was a set list apparently, taped to the floor. Armstrong kept looking down at it, as if he couldn’t remember what was next. But logic and planning soon went to hell as Armstrong, careening around the stage like a drunken sailor imitating a burlesque dancer and executing Olympic-quality stage dives, played “stump the band” with the rest of Green Day and their Nineties punk-imp catalog. A futile stab at “86” from 1995’s Insomniac veered into a long jump back to “At the Library” from the 1990 debut album, 39/Smooth. After a punchy “When I Come Around,” as the rest of Green Day looked like it was about to walk offstage, Armstrong reached for another guitar and kicked off an extra run of tunes, culminating in the punk-kegger clip of Nimrod’s “King for a Day,” with the usual detour into the Isley Brothers’ “Shout.”

That was the party. The celebration was more complex. Lacking the narrative binds and topical harangue of Green Day’s pair of operas, American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, ¡Uno! is deliberately lighter fare: packed-action power pop, with bark-along choruses. But in the hot temper and profane urgency of “Let Yourself Go” and “Stay the Night,” Armstrong sounds like he’s firing his bullets wildly now, instead of in operatic order.

At Irving Plaza, Green Day executed the ’65-Who-ish pow of “Carpe Diem” and the homicidal hip-hop-Clash fantasy “Kill the DJ” like unfinished business, compact extensions of the betrayed ideals and emotional anarchy twisted into the riff-and-hook fuses of Idiot’s “Holiday” and the 21st Century warning “Know Your Enemy.” Instead of finally closing the main set at the obvious peak, “King for a Day,” Armstrong called for the metallic-ballad sobriety of Idiot’s “Wake Me When September Ends.” Quickly returning for an encore, Green Day then paired “American Idiot” with a first-anniversary present to the Occupy movement: a surprise blast of “99 Revolutions” from ¡Tré! It is already my favorite track from the entire trilogy. Armstrong loves it so much he called for the band to repeat the song’s big finish – a paraphrase of the manic gallop at the end of the Who’s “Baba O’Riley” – three times before finally saying good night, for good.

It was an ironic end to a gig with corporate branding. But it was the right confession: Anyone can throw a party. Celebration must be earned.

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California Punk Trio Green Day to create mobile game franchise


Green Day has teamed up with video game developer Rovio to create a new musical episode for the ubiquitous ‘Angry Birds Friends’ mobile game franchise.

The ‘Angry Birds: Green Day Edition’ includes 10 never-before-seen themed levels and new “bad pig” characters inspired by frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and his bandmates Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool.

The band recently posted an update on its Facebook account revealing that “Green Day [have] been hanging with Angry Birds Friends… stay tuned for more.” Accompanying the Facebook post was a link to, which featured an image of a winged blue pig, a link to the ’Angry Birds Friends’ Facebook app and a trailer featuring video highlight of actual game play.

The new episodes feature content including the latest Green Day single ‘Oh Love’ and an exclusive new unlockable song titled ‘Troublemaker,’ with updates planned for later this fall providing even more exclusive content and levels. “We’re all fans of Angry Birds,” raves Armstrong in a press release. “It’s such an addictive game that when we first started playing it we couldn’t stop. Go Team Green!”

Watch the ‘Angry Birds: Green Day Edition’ Trailer

Two Green Day Documentaries Coming

Films will accompany release of band’s new album trilogy

Photo: Marina Chavez

By Rolling Stone
July 10, 2012

Two documentaries about Green Day will accompany the release of the California punks’ three upcoming albums, which are set to drop between September and January, Billboard reports.

One of the films will examine the making of those three LPs (Uno!, Dos! and Tre!), while the other is being pieced together from vintage footage of the group way back in the day, before their 1994 breakout, Dookie. The docs are the work of filmmaker Tim Lynch, who co-produced the complimentary DVD for the live album Bullet in a Bible, and Tim Wheeler, a co-producer of The White Stripes Under the Great White Northern Lights.

“It’s not going to be the sitting down, head shot of me going, ‘We started out blah blah blah’,” Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong told Billboard. “We wanted to get into lifestyles of rock & roll and playing rock & roll and letting the story kind of tell itself rather than create revisionist [history].”

According to Armstrong, “the two Tims” have been shooting rehearsals, recording sessions and live performances for the last year and a half, and will continue to film the group as they prep for tour and festival dates in Japan and Europe. The hope, say executives at Green Day’s label, Warner Bros., is to get the making-of documentary finished for a possible premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

According to Billboard the group is also reuniting with video director Sam Bayer, who’s been behind the clips for “American Idiot,” “Jesus of Suburbia,” and others, as well as the Bullet in a Bible live DVD.

The first title of Green Day’s upcoming album trilogy, Uno!, drops September 25th, with a single, “Oh Love,” set for digital release on July 16th. In a recent chat with Rolling Stone Armstrong said of the three records: “The songs just kept coming, kept coming. I’d go, ‘Maybe a double album? No, that’s too much nowadays.’ Then more songs kept coming. And one day, I sprung it on the others: ‘Instead of Van Halen I, II and III, what if it’s Green Day I, II and III and we all have our faces on each cover?'”

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Green Day at Echoplex in L.A. Play New Songs at Surprise Gig

Band performs ‘Nuclear Family,’ two other cuts at Echoplex in L.A.

By Rolling Stone
August 7, 2012

Green Day hit the stage at Echoplex in Los Angeles last night for a surprise set filled with cuts from their upcoming album trilogy, ¡UNO! ¡DOS! ¡TRÉ!, Green Day Authority reports. You can check out the pop-punk thrasher – laced with organ, no less – “Nuclear Family” above, along with two other new cuts: “Kill the DJ” and “Wild One.” ¡UNO! is set for release September 25th, ¡DOS! will follow November 23rd and ¡TRÉ! is due January 15th, 2013.

“We’re changing the guitar sound. We’re not going with the big Marshall amp thing,” frontman Billie Joe Armstrong recently told Rolling Stone about the trilogy. “We wanted something punchier, more power pop – somewhere between AC/DC and the early Beatles. . . . If you listen to it, it feels grand. But it also feels like a garage band.”

Green Day ‘Oh Love’ – By Rolling Stone

July 17, 2012

The only politics in the first single from Green Day’s imminent three-album blitz are the sexually urgent kind, and the sole whiff of opera comes when Billie Joe Armstrong sings, “Oh love/ Won’t you rain on me tonight?” – a neat allusion to the climax of the Who’s Quadrophenia. Otherwise, this song is a tight, addicting bundle of pop-hook class and crunchy-punk fundamentals.

The entire first verse is Armstrong singing like the stark solo John Lennon – just a bright, strident vocal and crisply strummed guitar. But when Armstrong’s bandmates fall in around him, Green Day sound the way you originally loved ’em, and refreshed: heavier and hardened from their time in the trenches but back in the garage, ready for rapture.

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