Hertzainak: The Last Concert

The Basque radical rock band Hertzainak was formed in Euskal Herria (Basque Country), by a group of basque musicians. The band started as a Basque version of The Clash. Their first albums were a mix of punk with reggae and ska, with lyrics denouncing the political situation in the country. They sung in Euskera (Basque language). Their first appearance as a band took place on Christmas eve 1982, in Gasteiz, Araba, in southern Basque Country.

They disbanded in 1993. Hertzainak is one of the best music bands that emerged in the Basque Country, beloved by their die-hard fans.

Band members: Josu Zabala, Iñaki Garitaonaindia Gari, Enrique Villaverde Kike, Tito Aldama, Txanpi Bingen Mendizábal