French Duo Cassius Create Summer Soundtrack on ‘Sunchild’ – Song Premiere


Putting together “Sunchild” for the Ed Banger records Ed Rec Vol. X compilation wasn’t the easiest task for French electronic duo Cassius. With a deadline looming, they were about to abandon the track altogether before Boom Bass called up his partner Philippe Zdar and told him to meet him at the studio for one last go at it.

“I threw together a very quick beat, and then recorded Hubert doing a bass line and a piano,” Zdar recalls. “Then I put down some synths and a very light live drum that we ended up keeping – one long live trip, and no editing, with even the flaws and bad fingers. We loved it. It sounded like the soundtrack to all of us having raones, sardinas or paella in our favorite Ibiza beach restaurant on a long summer lunch.”

Cassius  Duo

Cassius Duo

Now you can take an exclusive listen to “Sunchild,” which will absolutely appear on Ed Rec Vol. X, out June 11th (you can pre-order through iTunes now). The track stands as a tribute to DJ Mehdi, a beloved member of the Ed Banger family who died two years ago: “Now if I close my eyes, I can feel the warm breeze and the pine trees,” adds Zdar. “And if I listen really carefully, I can hear our dear brother Sunchild Mehdi laughing loud like he always did with his deep and warm ‘ha ha ha’s.”

Philippe Zdar To Produce The Rapture Album

The Rapture band members

The Rapture band members

Back in June, the Rapture announced that co-frontman Mattie Safer had left the group, and the storied New York dance-punk quartet was now a trio. In the blog post announcing Safer’s departure, keyboardist Gabe Andruzzi said that the group had “been on a creative tear.” Pedestrian.TV reports that to harness that creative tear, they’ve roped in a pretty august producer: Philippe Zdar, one half of the French dance duo Cassius.

Zdar’s production credits include Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and Cut Copy’s Bright Like Neon Love, and he has worked with Daft Punk, Air, and Bloc Party, among others.

Zdar told Pedestrian that he’s doing work on the new Rapture album: “They came to me and said, ‘We loved the Phoenix album, and we want to do some new music. Will you be able to help us?'”

The album still seems to be very much in the planning stages, and they might still use other producers besides Zdar. But Zdar likes what he’s hearing so far: “I think it’s a very good direction. All the songs are stronger– well, the seven or eight they sent me. There’s still a lot of what I loved about the first album on these new tracks, and also a lot of new futuristic stuff, so it’s really interesting.”

The Rapture have plenty of experience working with respected producers. The DFA helmed Echoes, the band’s debut (and Pitchfork’s #57 album of the decade). And Paul Epworth, Ewan Pearson, and Danger Mouse all contributed production to their 2006 follow-up Pieces of the People We Love.

Meanwhile, the Rapture continue to run their label Throne of Blood. The latest Throne of Blood single, John Selway’s “Shake the Snow”, is out today.

Rencontre avec Philippe Zdar –

Published on Apr 19, 2013

Moitié de Cassius et producteur de Phoenix, Zdar est l’une des oreilles les plus prisées de ces dernières années. Rencontre avec le « mec qui fait des blagues » et déteste la starisation du producteur.

A l’heure où beaucoup se contentent d’un pauvre laptop sur un coin de table bancale et d’un enregistrement dans un sale bureau de 2,5m², d’autres demeurent d’impassibles ambassadeurs du bon vieux studio pur et dur, des bandes, bref de tout ce qui rend vivant et ample la musique, qu’elle soit, pop, electro, rap, folk ou thrash metal… Philippe Cerboneschi plus connu sous le sobriquet de Zdar est de cette race de producteur musicien pour qui la musique enregistrée n’est concevable que là et nulle part ailleurs. En plus de deux décennies, l’hémisphère droit (ou gauche ?) du cerveau de Cassius a surtout œuvré pour des hommes, des femmes et des sons auxquels il adhérait à 100%. The Rapture, Solaaar, Beastie Boys, Housse de Racket, Sébastien Tellier, Cat Power, Lou Doillon, Two Door Cinema Club et Kindness, pour n’en citer que quelques-uns. Phoenix est un cas un peu à part. Zdar est de leur saga depuis le premier épisode mais sa participation s’est amplifiée avec l’album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” pour prendre une nouvelle ampleur avec “Bankrupt !” qui parait le 22 avril. Comment est né ce nouveau Phoenix, quel regard porte-t-il sur son parcours personnel, à quoi ressemble sa tanière, ce studio Motorbass installé à Pigalle, et sa philosophie du son a-t-elle changée au fil des ans ? Le temps d’un podcast, Zdar se confie, sans langue de bois.

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