Phoenix: New Single ‘Trying To Be Cool’ Video + Tour Dates, Where & When

Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool (Official Video)

Published on Jul 2, 2013

The new single “Trying to Be Cool” off the album Bankrupt! available now: Directed by CANADA. Produced in conjunction with The Creators Project.

Phoenix Tour

Date Venue Location Tickets
Jul 04 Hove Festival Hove, Norway Tickets
Jul 05 Rock Werchter Werchter, Belgium Tickets
Jul 06 Eurockeennes Belfort, France Tickets
Jul 12 T In The Park Scotland, United Kingdom Tickets
Jul 13 Musilac Aix-Les-Bains, France Tickets
Jul 14 OPTIMUS ALIVE Lisbon, Portugal Tickets
Jul 19 Longitude Festival Dublin, Ireland Tickets
Jul 21 Les Vieilles Charrues Carhaix-Plouguer, France Tickets
Jul 23 Paleo Festival Nyon, Switzerland Tickets
Aug 02 Osheaga Montreal, Canada Tickets
Aug 03 The Grove Music Festival Toronto, Canada Tickets
Aug 04 Lollapalooza Chicago, IL Tickets
Aug 06 Omaha Music Hall Omaha, NE Tickets
Aug 07 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO Tickets
Aug 23 Leeds Festival Leeds, United Kingdom Tickets
Aug 24 Rock en Seine Paris, France Tickets
Aug 25 Reading Festival Reading, United Kingdom Tickets
Aug 30 NTELOS Pavilion Norfolk, VA Tickets
Sep 01 Ntelos Pavilion Charlottesville, VA Tickets
Sep 07 iTunes Festival London, United Kingdom Tickets
Sep 20 PIEDMONT PARK Atlanta, GA
Sep 27 Berkley Riverfront Park Kansas City, MO Tickets
Sep 28 UIC Pavilion Chicago, IL Tickets
Sep 29 Emu Convocation Center Ypsilanti, MI Tickets
Oct 01 Agganis Arena Boston, MA Tickets
Oct 02 Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Tickets
Oct 03 LC Pavilion Columbus, OH Tickets
Oct 09 Sports Arena Los Angeles, CA Tickets
Oct 10 Rimac Arena San Diego, CA Tickets
Oct 12 Corona Capital Festival Mexico City, Mexico Tickets
Nov 12 Le Dome Marseille, France Tickets
Nov 14 Halle Tony Garnier Lyon, France Tickets
Nov 15 Zenith Nantes, France Tickets
Nov 16 Zenith Toulouse, France Tickets
Nov 18 Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt, Germany Tickets
Nov 19 Zenith Munich, Germany Tickets
Nov 21 Columbiahalle Berlin, Germany Tickets
Nov 22 Mitsubishi Electric Halle Dusseldorf, Germany Tickets
Nov 23 Zenith Live Lille, France Tickets

Phoenix Rock The Legendary Apollo Theater NYC: Concert Review

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Phoenix Live @ The Apollo May 13, 2013 – Concert Review

The beloved French band delivered a magnificent set at the legendary Harlem venue to an intimate crowd.

When Phoenix released their sublime fourth album, the mischievously-titled Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, in 2009, things started to go a little crazy for the French four-piece. That release not only went gold in the States, but it also won a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album the following January. When they played Madison Square Garden in New York that October, they were joined onstage by fellow Frenchmen Daft Punk. At Coachella this year, R&B crooner R. Kelly graced them with his presence. And on Monday night at Harlem’s iconic Apollo Theatre, there were no such gimmicks — nor did the band need them.

Save for a secret gig at the start of April, that Madison Square Garden show was the last time they played New York — to a sold-out crowd of 18,000 or so people. This, then, was a rather more intimate affair, as the Apollo holds less than a tenth of that number.

A few weeks after the release of their long-awaited fifth album, Bankrupt!, and augmented to a six-piece for the evening, the result was a gig that was as captivating as it was energizing. More than that, it was an incredibly personal performance. Halfway through third song “Lisztomania” — one of the finest cuts from their breakthrough album — vocalist Thomas Mars hopped offstage and climbed into the audience. While the rest of the band continued on with slick conviction, Mars weaved his way through a sea of bodies noticeably shocked that the singer was right there. Mars, too, seemed somewhat in awe of his surroundings — while the Apollo is far from a huge venue, it’s certainly a magnificent one.

Indeed, the electro-rock/synth-pop band’s performance, as well as their effortlessly cool demeanor, matched the splendor of their surroundings every step of the way. Smoke, spotlights, strobes and a digitized backdrop created specific set pieces for each song, turning them into unique, mind-blowing audio-visual sensations that totally consumed the room.

Each song, from the impossibly catchy harmonies of opener “Entertainment”, through the charming grace of “The Real Thing” and old favorite “Long Distance Call” to the energetic zest of “Armistice” and the upbeat dance grooves of “SOS In Bel Air” totally consumed the room. The band didn’t just play these songs, but they ensured that the room became these songs, and that the songs became the room. There was no escape from the power — not that anybody wanted to escape. But beyond that, it was also a performance of invention and innovation. “Sunskrupt!” combined “Bankrupt!” and both parts of “Love Like A Sunset,” while “Too Young” and “Girlfriend” morphed into one song with a perfect precision.

Interestingly, although the majority of the night was full of fun, feverish energy, the highlight came in the form of something much quieter and contemplative. After ending the main set with a sublime, high-octane and raucous version of “1901”, Mars returned with guitarist Christian Mazzalai for a sparse, stripped down version of “Countdown”. Beautiful, melancholy and haunting in equal measure, Mars sat on the edge of the stage while he sang, the weight of the world hanging heavy on every word that left his mouth.

But there was no time to get wrapped up in the quiet sadness of the moment — as soon as the song was done, the rest of the band returned to the stage and  immediately launched into the frenzied, climatic one-two punch of “Don’t” and then “Rome.”  After a brief thank you, the reprise of “Entertainment” filled the room and Mars was back in the crowd again, up close and personal for one final farewell. The look of awe and incredulity on his face as he climbed across the seats and stared up at those on the balcony above him said it all — a truly majestic, memorable night by a group very much at the top of their game, it was clearly just as special for the band as it was for everybody watching.

Set List:

Long Distance Call
The Real Thing
S.O.S. In Bel Air
Too Young+Girlfriend
Trying To Be Cool
Drakkar Noir

Phoenix in Studio with Philippe Zdar: Great insight into process and production

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Hopefully, you will enjoy these as much as we did.
This album is a masterpiece!  Yes, you guess right: Wolfang Amadeus Phoenix! They made one video for each song on the record–one video narrated by Phoenix, another by the producer and sound engineer Philippe Zdar.  Great insight into process and production with a very talented band and producer.

Wicked studio too, ha!  Gearspotters will rejoice.

Enjoy! ~ AA

I could listen to Philippe Zdar talk about music all day. Join him in his studio, Motorbass, where he discusses the processes behind tracks from Phoenix’s ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’ album.

Phillipe Zdar on the making of the Phoenix Album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Published on Apr 19, 2013
Future Music visit the incredible studio of Cassius member and production genius, Phillipe Zdar. Watch as he breaks down tracks from the Phoenix Album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

The story behind Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Musicvision concept and interview by Guillaume Delaperrière. Phoenix at work directed and edited by Pascal Teixeira.

VIDEOS for each album song

Phoenix – Lisztomania / Commented by Phoenix (1 of 9)

Phoenix – Lisztomania / Commented by Zdar (1 of 9) In French with English subtitles

Phoenix – 1901 / Commented by Phoenix (2 of 9)

Phoenix – Fences / Commented by Zdar (3 of 9) In French with English subtitles

Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset / Commented by Phoenix (4 of 9)

Phoenix – Lasso / Commented by Phoenix (5 of 9)

Phoenix – Rome / Commented by Zdar (6 of 9) In French with English subtitles

Phoenix – Countdown / Commented by Zdar (7 of 9) In French with English subtitles

Phoenix – Girlfriend / Commented by Zdar (8 of 9) In French with English subtitles

Phoenix – Armistice / Commented by Zdar (9 of 9) In French with English subtitles

Phoenix LIVE @ David Letterman Show – NYC

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French rockers turn in 44-minute performance – April 30, 2013


About The Performance

Before Phoenix took the stage for their Live on Letterman webcast, no one knew exactly what to expect. It was just a week out from release day for Bankrupt! The album received rave reviews and charted at or near the top worldwide. The quality of their latest work (and the work that had preceded it) was never in question. However, in a pre-show interview, the band had told us that following the success of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and their live shows that it had become “hard to impress” themselves. They told us their main goal was to surprise and inspire each other, and when we pushed to find out what was in store for their coming tour, they only commented “it’s a surprise, even for us.”

What followed when the Frenchmen graced the stage would surely impress even the most jaded musician. No gimmicks, no tricks, simply a twelve song set of unrivaled musical artistry. From the moment the opening notes of “Entertainment” rang out, the crowd was on their feet and Twitter was set ablaze. The stage, flooded in red lights glowed with the pulsating energy that only Phoenix can bring.

Thomas counted out, “Un, Deux, Trois!” and Phoenix launched into “Lasso” with a punch-heavy two drummer set up pounding every beat home and across the globe. From there, they stayed with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to shake and swing the theater with “Lisztomania.” Though the track may be over four years old, and it has been played millions of times, it was as fresh as the first time you heard it. Phoenix didn’t hold back on the new material either. Following “Lisztomania,” the played several songs off Bankrupt!, all of which held their own next to the Parisian powerhouse’s biggest hits. “The Real Thing” sounded massive live, filling the entire theater with a fuzzed out sonic soundscape, while also remaining clear and focused.

“Trying to Be Cool” proved to be extremely powerful live, despite its overall laidback vibe. “Chloroform” literally shook the house with a hypnotic and driving low end hitting hard and smooth. “Don’t” swung out a pounding yet contemplative sound that just isn’t being done by anyone else.

Phoenix mixed the hits into the new material as well, sounding like the biggest rock and roll band to come out of Europe in decades as they hit “Armistice” and “1901” hard, and the audience screamed for more.

All in all, Phoenix proved to be one of the most unique and unparalleled shows in the series. No one else could have pulled off that performance. Phoenix stood alone in their rock and roll grandeur, both timeless and extremely in the here and now, creating the soundtrack that defines and pushed this very moment.

Source: CBS: The David Letterman Show. Pictures copyright: CBS

Video: Phoenix – Lizstomania / One time too many – A Take Away Show

Photographs by Vincent Moon – Copyright

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La Blogotheque
Phoenix – Lizstomania / One time too many – A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque

“It’s a weird game going on between the band and the place where they play. A mesmerizing Eiffel Tower or Trocadero usually steal the show with their size and more or less spectacular tricks, but here’s a band no one would expect to find there, competing with all those crowd-pullers. ”

Produced by Chryde for la Blogotheque
Filmed by Vincent Moon
Sounds by François Clos and Guillaume de la Villeon
Edit by Guillaume Guerry
Mix by Francois Clos

9 OCTOBER 2009

Sources: La Blogotheque, Vimeo
Special thanks to Phoenix and Vincent Moon.

Phoenix Play ‘Kimmel Live’: French Rockers Dig Into Track From New Album ‘Bankrupt!’

Phoenix stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to play four cuts off their new album, Bankrupt! The French rockers dug into “Trying to be Cool,” “Drakkar Noir,” and “Chloroform” – and here, they take “Entertainment” to swirling heights with hypnotic synths and Thomas Mars’ elegant vocal caress.

Phoenix’s Coachella festival performances gave the band a catalyst to complete Bankrupt!, the follow-up to their 2009 breakout Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. “That gave us a deadline for the record,”  Mars told Rolling Stone last month. “Then we started to feel the pressure.”

Bankrupt! is out April 23rd. Check out the rest of Phoenix’s peformance on Kimmel below.