Ryan Adams announces Halloween-themed Vampires EP


Toss out that old CD of haunted house music, because Ryan Adams is providing the soundtrack for your hell-raising Halloween hijinx. The latest in his ongoing PAX-Am Singles Series, the Vampires 7-inch hits stores on October 28th and features gore four fiendishly-titled tracks, including “Clown Asylum” and “Suburbia” (just trust me on that last one). Based on his plentiful back catalog (seriously, does anyone remember Werewolph?), Adams is more than capable of scaring the living bejesus out of just about anybody.

Already the PAX-Am Series has yielded two rather disparate 7-inches: the riotous punk rock of 1984 and the country-fried Jacksonville. The series serves as accompaniment to Adams’ excellent self-titled 14th solo album.

Pre-orders for the 7-inch are ongoing. It’s also available as a bundle that features a T-shirt.

Ryan Adams version of Foreigner’s Epic Power Ballad

Ryan Adams performs at the Newport Folk Festival in July. Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/ryan-adams-reinvents-foreigners-epic-power-ballad-20141001#ixzz3F1J9cLuC Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

Ryan Adams performs at the Newport Folk Festival in July.

Photo: Taylor Hill/WireImage

For years, Ryan Adams has trotted out some seriously unexpected covers during his live shows, turning songs like Iron Maiden’s “Wasted Years” and Danzig’s “Mother” into heartbreaking, bare-boned folk ballads. He tackled another old-school tune — Foreigner’s 1984 chart-topper “I Want to Know What Love Is” — during a recent performance on NPR’s World Cafe.

With his road band kicking up some slow-moving dust in the background, Adams crooned the song without a hint of irony, replacing the bombast of the original with something that’s tender, off-the-cuff and pretty moving. Listen to the song below.Adams recently released his 14th album, a self-titled disc that puts the strummed acoustics of 2011’s Ashes & Fire on the back burner and channels the icy atmospherics of Eighties rock & roll instead. No wonder he decided to take a stab at Foreigner’s biggest hit. Meanwhile, he’s in the middle of a North American tour that runs until Thanksgiving, with Butch Walker joining him as the opening act.


Ryan Adams Solo and Acoustic Performance @ Carnegie Hall (NYC) – Get Tickets Now!


Ryan Adams at the 2014 Newport Folk Festival Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/stream-ryan-adams-moody-smiths-inspired-self-titled-album-20140901#ixzz3ERZyAqqz Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

Ryan Adams at the 2014 Newport Folk Festival 

Ryan Adams has revealed his latest studio LP Ryan Adams a week early. Adams had previously unveiled the moody album tracks “My Wrecking Ball” and the Elvira-starring video for the single and album opener “Gimme Something Good.” Adams told Rolling Stone that his 11-song self-titled affair, due out September 9, was inspired by the Smiths and the Velvet Underground as well as his struggles with the inner ear disorder Ménière’s disease.

Adams produced the new album himself in his own PAX-AM studio in Los Angeles, and brought the band he worked with (including co-producer Mike Viola) to this extended World Cafe session. You can listen to Ryan Adams live on NPR World Cafe here. They wound up performing a bunch of songs — including the previously unheard “The Door,” which was to appear on Adams’ unreleased “black hole album.”

“Stay With Me” – Ryan Adams at State Theatre, Portland, ME 7.22.2014


Adams will begin an eight-week tour on September 8th at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club, with singer-songwriter Butch Walker joining him beginning October 6th at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre.

Ryan Adams returns to Carnegie Hall for a solo acoustic double-header in support of his recently released self-titled album.  So get your tickets now!
Performance Saturday, November 15, 2014 | 8 PM
Tickets from $49.50 – $69.50
Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage
Tickets are also available by calling CarnegieCharge from 8 AM–8 PM, seven days a week, at 212-247-7800 or by visiting the Carnegie Hall Box Office at 57th and Seventh, 11 AM–6 PM, Monday through Saturday, and 12–6 PM, Sunday.

Ryan Adams – New Album


Ryan Adams


I’m not the first person to compare Ryan Adams to Neil Young (hi, Stephen King!), and I certainly won’t be the last. It’s not that their voices or personalities are all that similar — where Adams has an eccentric silliness to him, Young is just plain eccentric — or that they even appreciate the same music — Young has a genuine love for country; Adams hates the stuff, despite having recorded an endless amount of it. But their careers are astoundingly twin-like. Both found success in roots music and recorded some of their best work with a reliable, shaggy-dog backing band, only to alienate some of their stuffier fan base with a string of genre experiments. Critics have since warmed up to Young’s forays into jazz and rockabilly, but many still wince at Adams’ stab at metal, including us.

So, let’s do this. Give our rankings of all his proper studio full-lengths a read, and then come back to it in 10 years to see what’s changed. Young has decades over Adams, enough time for the public to view his time in the ditch and beyond as the mark of an artist who follows nothing except his heart. And I think everyone will eventually view Adams the same way. In fact, maybe we’ve already started to. Just look at the grades we gave his new punk EP and moody Tom Petty phase (not included in our rankings). Regardless of how you feel (or will feel) about his career as a whole, you can’t deny that it’s been interesting, which makes his albums irresistible to rank. So, here they are: Ryan Adams’ studio albums, from worst to best.

Ryan Adams Longs for Elvira in Dark ‘Gimme Something Good’ Video

Ryan Adams - Gimme Something Good

Click on image to listen to song

Rocker goes goth in video for self-titled LP’s opening track

Last month, Ryan Adams unveiled “Gimme Something Good,”the bluesy opening track off his upcoming self-titled album. On Tuesday, the prolific rocker revealed the ghoulish black-and-white video for the lovelorn single, and to give the song an extra sense of foreboding, Adams cast Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, as the music video’s love interest.

From its opening moments showing a spooky mansion in warped VHS quality to the closing frames of Elvira holding Adams in a gothic embrace, the Michael Reich-directed video is an ode to shows like Fright Night and Movie Macabre that would showcase b-horror films on local TV stations in Los Angeles.

Throughout the video, Elvira – wearing her trademark cleavage-revealing black dress – runs the gamut of moves that made her a television mainstay, eerily blowing out candles and staring hypnotically at the camera while Adams, ensconced by shadows, performs the track. While the video is all mood and no plot, the lyric “I’ll been waiting here, ’til the end of time” suggests that Adams will be pining away forever for Elvira, who looks ridiculously good for a sexagenarian; she might really be the ageless vampiress she plays on TV.

The bleakness of the video also captures Adams’ state of mind the past few years prior to working on Ryan Adams. As he told Rolling Stone of his long battle against Ménière’s disease, “All of a sudden you start seeing double and then my hand starts shaking, and then it’s like you’re in an elevator and the bottom just drops out and your bones feel 1,000 pounds.”

Ryan Adams is due out September 9th on Adams’ own Pax-Am label. Along with “Gimme Something Good,” the singer has also debuted new track “My Wrecking Ball” in concert.

Watch: Ryan Adams debuts new song “Stay With Me”, covers Danzig’s “Mother”

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

This week, Ryan Adams kicks off his first leg of North American tour dates behind his forthcoming 14th solo album. At the tour kick-off in Portland, Maine on Tuesday night, he debuted three songs from the forthcoming effort, plus two other unheard tracks set to appear on his 7-inch 1984 punk album. Wednesday’s setlist for Burlington, VT featured much of the same, including a new song called “Wrecking Ball”, which is not a Miley Cyrus cover. He also covered Danzig’s “Mother”, because Ryan Adams.

Now, fan-shot videos of his new rocker “Stay With Me” and his cover of “Mother” have made their way online, and you can see them below.

“Stay With Me”:

Ryan Adams at State Theatre, Portland, ME 7.22.2014″




Here was last night’s setlist:

Gimme Something Good
Stay With Me
Fix It
Do Wait
Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?
Let It Ride
Dirty Rain
Beautiful Sorta
Political Scientist
Oh My Sweet Carolina
Everybody Knows
Mother (Danzig cover)
Peaceful Valley
Wrecking Ball
Go Easy
When The Summer Ends
Am I Safe
Crossed Out Name

Straight Ahead
Come Pick Me Up