Changing of the Seasons – Two Door Cinema Club’s New EP


Two Door Cinema Club  revealed the title track from the ‘Changing Of The Seasons’ EP  on BBC Radio 1,  August 15. Scroll down to listen to the track, which was produced by French teenager Madeon. The three track EP was released on September 30, 2013. 

The band also announced details of a gig at London’s O2 Arena on December 13. They will headline the 20,000 capacity venue following a number of festival appearances this summer, including dates at Glastonbury, T In The Park and this weekend’s V Festival (August 17 and 18).

Guitarist Sam Halliday enthuses: “It doesn’t feel real yet; at the moment it feels like a dream. It’s testing the water of a new sort of show. I went to see Beyonce at the O2 recently and that show definitely fits in the O2. Then I think back to that and think of our show at the minute… We want to try and fill the stage a bit more and be confident commanding a crowd rather than just playing the songs.”

Two Door Cinema Club are a Northern Irish indie rock band from Bangor and Donaghadee, County Down, formed in 2007. The band consists of Alex Trimble (vocals, rhythm guitar, beats, synths) Sam Halliday (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Kevin Baird (bass, backing vocals).

The band’s debut album, Tourist History, was released on 1 March 2010 by French independent record label Kitsuné Music. In the United States, where the band are signed to Glassnote Records, the album was released on 27 April 2010. Tourist History was selected for the Choice Music Prize for Irish Album of the Year (2010) the following year.

The band’s second album Beacon was released on 3 September 2012 and debuted at number one on the Irish Albums Chart.

Changing of the Seasons is the first release by the band since they left Kitsuné and signed with former EMI subsidiary Parlophone Records.

The lead single from the EP is the title track, “Changing of the Seasons”. It features production from electronic producer Madeon and can also be found on the 2013 reissue of Two Door Cinema Club’s sophomore album “Beacon”.

Track listing

Digital download
  1. Changing of the Seasons – 3:43
  2. Crystal – 3:22
  3. Golden Veins – 4:16
  4. Changing of the Seasons (Monsieur Adi Remix) – 6:23
12″ vinyl
  1. Changing of the Seasons
  2. Changing of the Seasons (Monsieur Adi Remix)
  3. Changing of the Seasons (Francesco Rossi Remix)
  4. Changing of the Seasons (Instrumental Mix)

Interview- TLOBF: Two Door Cinema Club + Band Video Performing @ Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver – October 25, 2013

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club

Bangor may not be renown for producing any kind of bands whose fan base extends outside menopausal housewives (*cough* SNOW PATROL *cough*) but Two Door Cinema Club – a Bangor trio of virile twenty-somethings who create sparky, sparkling indie-pop recalling Passion Pit’s rockiest moments and Star’s synthiest moments – are here to change all that. Already shortlisted for the BBC’s Sounds of 2010 award, TDCC are proving to be the brightest stars to light up the Northern Irish music scene for a long time – and with a lengthy tour currently on the agenda, they’re planning to light up the wholeworld.

We caught up with them below…

Hello Two Door Cinema Club! So your debut album is coming out next month – how are you all feeling about the release?
Very good! It’s been waiting to go for a few months now. We are so happy with it and wouldn’t change a thing.

How did you decide on the album’s name, Tourist History?
The past couple of years we have become tourists – playing shows in different cities and countries every night – most of which we have never been to before. The town we are from, Bangor, was a big tourist town in the 60s/70s and so we grew up with that history too.

Has your sound differed any from your earlier demos – are there going to be any surprises for the fans?
A lot of the songs are the same but they just sound a lot better! There is just more depth in the tracks and sonic variations throughout. I think it’s also great to have another person you respect having their input on your sound.

Could you talk me through the recording process for the album – how did you go about writing your songs?
Usually it will come from a small initial idea – melody or drum track. And then we loop it and play together to get a general structure. We would then go away and work individually in getting our own parts better.

Have you a particular favourite track on it?
I think ‘I Can Talk’ came out sounding great. Zdar brought a lot to the track too. He made it sound massive! It’s also the last song we wrote for the album.

How did you all meet, and what’s the story behind your band name?
We all met at high school and realised we all played guitar and liked similar music. The name came from a small cinema called the Tudor cinema which Sam pronounced wrong when thinking of a band name – Tudor Cinema Club – so the spelling got changed to Two Door.

What music do you think has influenced Two Door Cinema Club’s sound – is there any particular artist or album that had the most influence? I can hear a lot of Canadian indie influences in your music, like Broken Social Scene and Stars.
Yeah. we love those bands but we love so much music. We have quite different tastes. Everything from Stevie Wonder and John Denver to Kylie Minogue, At The Drive-in, Idlewild, Death Cab For Cutie and Mew.

You’ve received some brilliant press – you’ve been nominated as one of BBC’s Sounds of 2010, and Kanye West even included the video for ‘I Can Talk’ in one of his blog posts! How has all this press affected you as a band? Did you expect to be so well-received?
No – it all came as quite a shock. We have been working away for nearly 3 years and it just seems people are starting to catch on, which is great! It hasn’t affected us a lot. We have the album all ready and the tour is all planned. So we just plan to continue to work hard!

You’ve been touring around the UK and Europe at the minute – how receptive have audiences been to your new material? Is there any place where audiences have been particularly enthusiastic?
Yeah we have had a great time touring. It is always great playing in Ireland and the UK but I think people tend to be a bit more enthusiastic at our shows in Europe. France is pretty great. Our label is based there and we have played a lot there so things are picking up for us there and we have played our biggest shows there over anywhere…

What have been your best and worst touring moments?
Festivals are always a lot of fun. We got to go to lots of different ones last year, Like Glastonbury, Reading, Positivus in Latvia.

Much has been made over the fact that you use a laptop instead of a drummer when playing live – have you recruited a live drummer, or are you going to continue on using the laptop in live performances?
Yes indeed we have…but yes we still use a laptop also for some other percussion and samples.

Published on Oct 26, 2013
Performed at Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver – October 25, 2013

Two Door Cinema Club are a Northern Irish indie rock band from Bangor and Donaghadee, County Down, formed in 2007. The band consists of Alex Trimble Sam Halliday, and Kevin Baird.

Lead singer: Alex Trimble (2007–)
Origin: Bangor, United Kingdom
Albums: Tourist History, Beacon, iTunes Festival: London 2010, Sleep Alone (Remixes)
Members: Alex Trimble, Sam Halliday, Kevin Baird

Record labels: Kitsuné, Glassnote Records, Parlophone