Video: Passion Pit – ‘The Reeling’, First Single From the Band’s debut album ‘Manners’

“The Reeling” is a song by American electronic band Passion Pit. It was released in May 2009 as the first single from the band’s debut album Manners. The song features background vocals from the PS22 Chorus. Generally well received by music critics, the single entered the Billboard Alternative Songs chart in September 2009. In the UK, the single originally peaked at #137, but was re-issued in January 2010, where it performed slightly better at #99. With this improved showing, the record company then re-issued “Sleepyhead” in March 2010.


A music video for the song premiered in April 2009. It depicts a carefree night on the town and uses ripped-paper visual effects. A remixed version of “The Reeling” was used on the trailer for the fourth season of Skins.

Lou Thomas of the BBC praised the song’s vocals and beats, and called it “unquestionably one of the greatest songs of 2009.” Emily Kendrick of This Is Fake DIY noted the song’s exuberance and compared it vocally to the Bee Gees. Louise Brailey of NME said the song’s opening “sounds weirdly like an old-school hardcore breakdown, before collapsing into starry disco-pop.” Mike Diver of Clash magazine said the song “combine elements of the purest pop with compositional playfulness.” Matthew Cole of Slant Magazine credits the song’s ability, along with album track “Moth’s Wings,” to combine decades worth of “party music” genres, including disco, house, rave, and 1980s rock. Zach Kelly of Pitchfork Media described the song as sweet and earnest, adding that listeners “won’t remember it the next morning, but it probably earned a grin the night before.” Andrzej Lukowski of Drowned in Sound called the song “quite annoying,” though he gave the album a favorable review overall.