Watch “Echoes” directed by Special Problems + behind the scenes – Another Lexus short film


Watch Echoes short film directed by Special Problems

#1. Behind The Scenes: Directors’ Vision
Special Problems Directors Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali join with Producers to discuss and explore the themes of their Lexus Short Film “Echoes”. Discover how the interconnectivity of the abstract and the everyday bring clarity to the characters and the viewer.

#2. Behind The Scenes: The Comedian Connection
This behind the scenes look at the filming of the Lexus Short Film “Echoes” unveils the experience of the story’s narrator, played by stand up comedian Jeremy Elwood. He shares with us the challenges of performing a monologue that skews more serious than his standard set.

#3. Behind The Scenes: Nervous Dad
This behind the scenes look at “Echoes” explores night one on set in a bar with an expectant father. We hear from the producers, directors, and actor as they film the nervous hours waiting for news from the hospital.

#4. Behind The Scenes: The Groom + The Bride
In this piece, we see how the shooting of “Echoes” interrupts the peace of an Auckland, New Zealand night. From the rattle of a skateboard parade through the darkened city streets to the splash of a lonely actress into a glowing pool, hear the inside story of the main characters in this Lexus Short Film.

#5. Behind The Scenes: Crying Astronaut + Sad Singer
It takes years of training to be an astronaut, but in “Echoes” all that was required was the creativity of Special Problems Directors Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali (The Naked and Famous / No Way). Watch as this skilled duo guide the actors portraying the crying astronaut and sad singer in this behind the scenes peek at the making of their Lexus Short Film.

Note: In this video, the company promotes its cars –