New Releases From Danish Indie Platform Avalve Rec

Avalve Rec

Avalve Rec

Awesome tracks –  Very nice sound and songs

Danish indie platform Avalve Records announced the release of several tracks by artists  Shadowboxer (Flip the coin),  Caspar Nørgaard (Some Love CPH Garbage), and  Mykness (Talented Screwup, and Should Have).

About Avalve Records:  “Avalve Records is a Musician Collective based in Copenhagen/Denmark. We consist of about 10 musicians supporting each others projects – both Live on stage and in Studio! WE HAVE SO MUCH MORE MUSIC TO SHOW YOU! So please come visit our platforms ( has all the links you need) We Currently represent the Danish acts: Shadowboxer , Mykness,  Caspar Norgaard, Aydar,  and Moose & Hippo. Our records are created in II World War Bunkers, Apartments, Summerhouses, Closed Factories, ON Stage and More.. We proudly profile a hand played core of indie Rock/Dark Folk, but we also flirt with a lot of electronic directions! We´ve played the major to the smaller venues of Denmark and delivered music for many high profiled art projects.. Our little chaos mill wants to meet you a bit more!

Shadowboxer EP Review.  “Like an imprint on your pillow, a footstep, a face turned away. With a dim dreamy sound. Music, with a vibrating sensibility in a velvety room where the vocals reach you with a presence that travels under the skin. The songs sound like they come from somewhere else, a place that speaks across time and space. There is something in the shadows of these compositions: An undercurrent something you can´t put a finger on, a feeling without words, a picture without image, a foreign tone and yet well known. It leads into the shadows, where we humans are all alike.”