God Is An Astronaut: Discography

Astronaut @ Sistine Chapel

Astronaut @ Sistine Chapel

Note: On December 28, 2012, God Is An Astronaut announced (in their official website) that they will be taking a short break to complete the new album, and will have some updates on its progress, release date and news on upcoming touring for mid 2013 in the coming weeks and months.


1. Worlds in Collision
2. In the Distance Fading
3. Lost Kingdom
4. Golden Sky
5. Dark Rift
6. Parallel Highway
7. Shining Through
8. Age of the Fifth Sun
9. Paradise Remains





1. Shadows
2. Post Mortem
3. Echoes
4. Snowfall
5. First Day of Sun
6. No Return
7. Zodiac
8. Remaining Light
9. Shores of Orion
10. Loss




1. Radau
2. Far from Refuge
3. Sunrise in Aries
4. Grace Descending
5. New Years End
6. Darkfall
7. Tempus Horizon
8. Lateral Noise
9. Beyond the Dying Light





1. The End of the Beginning
2. From Dust to the Beyond
3. Ascend to Oblivion
4. Coda
5. Remembrance
6. Point Pleasant
7. Fall from the Stars
8. Twilight
9. Coma
10. Route 666
11. Lost Symphony




1. Frozen Twilight
2. A Moment of Stillness
3. Forever Lost (Reprise)
4. Elysian Fields
5. Crystal Canyon
6. Endless Dream
7. Empyrean Glow
8. Sweet Deliverance
9. Dark Solstice

Ryan Bingham Kicks Off European Tour!

Ryan in Rome.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” -Mark Twain

European “TOMORROWLAND” Tour:

Ryan is kicking off his European tour tomorrow! Be sure to check out all of his European tour dates below.

European Tour Dates:

NOV 8- Bristol, England: Thekla

NOV 9- Dublin, Ireland: Whelans

NOV 10- Belfast, Ireland: Limelight

NOV 11- Glasgow, Scotland: Oran Mor

NOV 13- Manchester, England: Academy 3

NOV 15- London, England: Scala

NOV 16- Amsterdam, Holland: Bitterzoet

NOV 17- Hasselt, Belgium: MOD

NOV 19- Cologne, Germany: Luxor

NOV 20- Hamburg, Germany: Knust

NOV 21- Berlin, Germany: Fraanz

NOV 22- Munich, Germany: Backstage Halle

NOV 24- Zurich, Switzerland: Viadukt

NOV 25- Geneva, Switzerland: Le MAD

NOV 26- Ravenna, Italy: Bronson

NOV 27- Milan, Italy: La Sallumeria della Musica

A Messgage From Ryan:

Thanks mucho to everyone who came out to our US shows this fall! We had a blast playing for you out on the road! Dates for a second US Tour are in the works for 2013 so stay tuned!!

Peace and Rock n’ Roll


Gojira’s L’Enfant Sauvage: The European Tour 2012 [Part 2 & 3]

The European Tour 2012 [Part 2 & 3]
Note: Gojira is still on tour. We will add more pictures to the European tour 2012 files as soon as they become available.

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