Ukraine: French Military Adviser Gaston Besson in Charge of “Foreign Fighters” in the Neo-Nazi National Guard Azov Battalion

By Damir Marinovic
Global Research, September 15, 2014
Russia Insider

Region: Russia and FSU
Theme: US NATO War Agenda
In-depth Report: UKRAINE REPORT

gaston-bessonImage: Biography of Gaston Besson, “French volontary against the Serbs”.

So we already reported on the American Nazi who was fighting in Ukraine until he got killed, the neo-Nazi Azov battalion he was fighting with, and the reports of war tourism, or, European right wingers joining in the fighting just for fun.

Now here’s another one, Gaston Besson. This guy seems to be a war afficionado or professional mercenary. He has a reputation going back to the Yugoslav wars where he was accused of war crimes. He’s also served in Laos and Myanmar. Apparently he enjoys going berserk in battle and being “excessively cruel”.

Like the American Nazi, Paslawsky, he also fights with the Azov battalion, the one with the Nazi swastika on its coat of arms which runs around bravely punishing civilians. He’s in charge of coordinating foreign volunteers.

We’ve got a backlog of video and material about the neo-Nazi presence in Ukraine. Its much bigger than has been reported so far in the western media.

This stuff will eventually get out, and when it does, it will be a major political problem in Europe, especially in Germany.


Meet Gaston, Another Foreign Nut Fighting With a Neo-Nazi Battalion in Ukraine