Israel’s Seven Year Illegal Blockade of Gaza: A Gross Violation of the EU-Israel Association Agreement


europe-israelThe blockade has been criticized by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Human Rights Council and other human rights organizations, a criticism that has been officially supported by United States administrations. In June 2010 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the humanitarian needs in the Hamas-controlled area must be met along with legitimate Israeli security concerns. International institutions consider the blockade illegal.’

‘The legal framework for EU- Israel relations is provided by the EU-Israel Association Agreement signed in Brussels, on 20 November 1995, and following ratification by the 15 Member States parliaments, the European Parliament and the Knesset, entered force on 1 June, 2000.’

‘Among other things, the agreement states that the respect for human rights and democratic principles guides the internal and international policy of both Israel and the EU and constitutes an essential and positive element of the Agreement.’

CONSIDERING the importance which the Parties attach to the principle of economic freedom and to the principles of the United Nations Charter, particularly the observance of human rights and democracy, which form the very basis of the Association:

The EU does not recognise Israel’s sovereignty over any of the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967 comprise the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and does not consider them to be part of Israel’s territory, irrespective of their legal status under domestic Israeli law. The EU has made it clear that it will not recognise any changes to pre-1967 borders, other than those agreed by the parties to the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP). The EU’s Foreign Affairs Council has underlined the importance of limiting the application of agreements with Israel to the territory of Israel as recognised by the EU.

There is but one option now open to the EU Commission – it must abrogate the EU-Israel Association Agreement on the grounds of the gross violation and breach of its specific provisions, by Israel, since 2007.

Putin: Situation in Ukraine Shows Deep Crisis in International Law

Russia's President Vladimir Putin

Double standards and violation of fundamental human rights prevail in attitudes toward crimes against civilians in southeastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

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Updated 3:40 p.m. Moscow Time

MOSCOW, October 14 (RIA Novosti) – The events in Ukraine showed that the international law is in deep crisis as many international human rights organizations turn a blind eye to crimes against civilians in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.

“They [the events in Ukraine] have demonstrated a large-scale crisis of the international law, basic norms of the Universal declaration in human rights and the convention to prevent genocide,” Putin said at a meeting of the Kremlin human rights council.

“We witnessed double standards in attitudes toward crimes against civilians in southeastern Ukraine, the violation of fundamental human rights – the right to live and the right for personal security. People there are subject to torture, cruel and humiliating treatment, discrimination and extrajudicial measures,” the president said.

“Unfortunately, many international organizations simply turn a blind eye to these facts,” he continued.

During six months of unrest in Ukraine, since Kiev authorities launched a military operation against independence supporters in country’s eastern regions, numerous cases of international law violations by Ukrainian army have been observed.

Human rights violations included cases of kidnappings and torture. Press freedom has also been ignored, international journalists have been detained and threatened. Ukrainian army repeatedly targeted populated areas, its shelling resulted in numerous deaths of civilians.

Earlier this month, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights released a report in which it said that Kiev-controlled forces continue to violate the principles of international humanitarian law, citing in particular “the enforced disappearances, arbitrary detention and ill-treatment allegedly perpetrated by members of the volunteer battalions”.

In September, Amnesty International confirmed that the Ukrainian government was responsible for the war crimes and human rights violations committed by Ukrainian volunteer battalions.

According to recent UN estimates, the military operation led by Kiev claimed lives of 3,700 people and left over 8,800 injured.


Deadly shelling in Ukraine despite ‘ceasefire’: Tragic farewell at Donetsk morgue

The wrath of god in all its fury will be unlocked to welcome the death of evil and all it portrays in the eyes of the good and just it shall be known…




Published on Oct 3, 2014

There’s supposed to be a truce in place in Eastern Ukraine, but it has been repeatedly breached. At least a dozen civilians were killed when a bus stop and a school were hit during some of the latest shelling. And as Maria Finoshina reports, local residents have learned to expect the worst. You may find some of the images in her report disturbing.

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