Music needed in several styles and genres for an up-coming indie feature comedy film [MC]


Major Independent Film Studio Seeking Songs for Upcoming Title. This opportunity is open to all artists worldwide

Jan 12, 2013

Category: Music Licensing
Type: Licensing
Genres: All Genres Accepted
Deadline January 31, 2013
Details: Music is needed in several styles and genres for an up-coming indie feature comedy film.

9312e11b3f314603a2dc92c6198d879f77252af8359e49adbd99c56da455cb9fThe film is about a girl moving out of her small hometown in Charleston, SC to New York City to pursue her dreams as a writer only to have her clingy ex- boyfriend secretly follow her across town, trying to ruin her every chance for success.

The following tracks that are needed are listed below;

• Pop / Hip-Hop/ Dance-Electronica songs that you would hear at a dance club or on the radio. Needs to have a current commercial sound with great hooks.

• Teen Pop – Over the top teen pop song that is super easy to sing a long to. Please think of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call me Maybe”, Miley Cyrus’s Party in the U.S.A., and Taylor Swift’s “Better than Revenge” type of songs for examples.

• Country / R&B – An authentic Country OR R&B genre love song. Can be either male/ female vocals. Songs should be mid to down tempo with lyrics about love, being in love, falling out of love, heartbreak, etc.

• Rock/ Heavy Rock – Rock songs that have a lot going on. Songs need to build that contain riffs and lots of instruments. Instrumental versions are preferred but music with vocals will be considered as well.

If your music is chosen, you will be paid $1,500 for each song, plus royalties. You must own the copyrights and masters and all music must be 100% original. Songs must also be mixed and mastered and be of high quality but professional home recordings will work as well.

This opportunity is open to all artists worldwide. All music must be in by 12:00 AM (PST ) January 31st 2013.

Deadline January 31, 2013


The New England Film and Music Festival Considering Artists For Performances


Category: Gigs – Festivals
Type: Festival
Genres: All Genres Accepted

Details: The New England Film and Music Festival is now accepting original music submissions to perform at the festival event of the weekend of April 19-21, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza in Cromwell, CT.

Gathering and promoting all the great local talent, The New England Film and Music Festival will feature the best of New England’s wealth of talent in films, movies, music and entertainment from all across New England during this 3 day non-stop event.

This is an awesome opportunity for New England based artists to play in front of large crowds and to get exposure to millions of people across the New England area.

The Festival is designed to promote local entertainment from the New England area, so this opportunity is only available to artists that live in the New England area. New England consists of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Deadline October 17, 2012


Award Winning Music Library Considering New Music


Award Winning Music Library Considering New Music
Sep 10, 2012

Category: Publishing – Libraries
Type: Music Library
Genres: All Genres Accepted
Details: International music licensing company Epitome Music Library, “the music library that exclusively places music on Antique Warriors,” is currently seeking new music for worldwide licensing opportunities.

Epitome is currently seeking music that ranges from high impact trailer music, to heart wrenching strings and piano, high energy sports music, horror and suspense and everything in-between.

They currently represent about 100 artists and 1500+ tracks, and are looking to expand their catalog.

Epitome’s placements have included MTV (Dr. Drew, Parental Control), Showtime, A&E (Gene Simmons Family Jewels), Sony Pictures (The Greg Behrendt Show) and FOX Sports Music (NASCAR). Some film credits include The Curse of Micah Rood, Never Surrender, Peril of Cemetery Road, and Inertia.

Epitome Music will not respond to direct messages regarding this opportunity; submissions will be considered only through Music Clout.

Deadline October 10, 2012


New Label Looking for Bands And Artists


New Label Looking for Bands And Artists

Sep 20, 2012

Category: Record Labels – A&R
Type: Record Label
Genres: All Genres Accepted
Details: New label started by industry professionals who have previously worked with Sony, Warner Bros, and Universal are looking for the young, underdeveloped, but talented artists. They’re looking for diamonds in the rough.

Musical styles they are seeking:

For solo artists they’re after a really wide range; anything from Katy Perry to William Fitzimmons.

For bands, they will be focusing more on Hardcore and Punk styles.

The label’s broad mission is to bring great artists music and their stories to as many people as possible and do so in creative and unique ways. This is a great opportunity to work with a new label from the ground up who is passionate about helping their artists succeed.

Deadline October 18, 2012


Marketing: Easy Tips For Getting Retweeted

From Music Clout

If you’re using Twitter a channel for promoting your music, then you know the importance of getting retweeted. A retweet can extend the reach of your post exponentially, and should be one of the main focuses when using Twitter to promote things going on within your music career.

Thankfully for your sanity, there have been hundreds of studies into just what kinds of post get retweeted the most. Here are 10 very easy tips and also some helpful information that will help you get your tweets retweeted as often as possible.

There are many things to consider when created a post to get potentially retweeted. You need to take into consideration the time of day your posting, what type of demographic you have as followers and many other little factors that are specific to your style of music. If your followers come alive at night, then make sure you’re posting tweets during that time to increase the chances of getting retweeted.

Click HERE to access Music Clout’s 10 very easy to implement tips to help you get retweeted.

JOBS: Largest American High School & Middle School Touring Agency Seeking New Artists – Music Clout

Please visit Music Clout for more information on this ad and other opportunities for your music.

The Nation’s largest High School & Middle School Touring Agency Seeking New Artists

Aug 09, 2012
Category: Gigs – Festivals
Type: Booking
Genres: All Genres Accepted

Details: The nation’s largest high school and middle school touring agency is currently seeking artists and bands for school performance openings around the US.

High School Nation has worked with over 5,000 public schools across the United States over the past 9 years by providing fun, free entertainment to the staff and their students. Their organization has worked with thousands of schools during this time, building close relationships with administrators and students along the way. Through their experience, they have constructed a strong and ever expanding network of schools that eagerly welcome a number of great lunchtime performances from them each year.

High School Nation will not respond to direct messages regarding this opportunity; submissions will be considered only through Music Clout.

Deadline September 11, 2012