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2 countries. 2 wars. 2 exhibitions.

During several years we have been watching the devastating consequences of the civil war in Syria. A terrible conflict which began in 2011 turned the country into ruins with many victims, destroyed the state structure and divided society into warring factions. At the end of the previous year similar events took place in Ukraine. Bloody confrontations at the “Maidan Nezalezhnosti” in Kiev ended with mutinies of nationalists – Bandera’s followers, who overthrew the legitimate power of the incumbent president. Civil war in Ukraine is not ended yet, and daily events reflect with pain in our hearts.

What really happened in Kiev and Crimea, and where Ukraine is heading? Who benefits from war in Syria and what has happened to this country? You can find answers to these questions at the material evidences exhibition prepared by indifferent journalists who risked their own lives, plunged into the midst of armed conflict: Damascus and its destroyed suburbs; Kiev, Kharkov, Simferopol, Sevastopol. They worked in the “hottest spots” keeping for the History a unique evidence of the dramatic events that took place there.

All the truth about events in Syria and Ukraine, unique shots, artifacts, videos – all of this can be seen at the exhibition “Material evidences. Syria. Ukraine”.

‘Material Evidence. Syria. Ukraine’ comes to NYC

Learn more about what's going on...

Learn more about what’s going on…


Crimes against peace have become a central theme of the international photo exhibition that is now touring Germany. Scenes of misery and destruction in the Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts were handpicked by a jury to show the true face of the war.

Photo exhibition “Material Evidence. Syria. Ukraine” in Berlin is based purely on the material submitted by war correspondents illustrating “the evolution of the countries undergoing civil conflicts.” It is organized in such a way that allows maximum visitor participation.

New Yorkers will have the opportunity to see this collection of photographs and multimedia displays in their city this year, starting September 21 through October 11 at ART Beam, Chelsea, 540 West 21st, New York 10011.  Admission is free.

The exhibition poster (it’s huge!) being displayed in the city’s train stations is attracting thousands of New Yorkers interested in learning more about the wars in Syria and Ukraine.

Besides unique photographs and multimedia displays, visitors have a chance to see some material evidence from the warzone. Gas masks, tire roadblocks and personal possessions of the victims are just some items found on display.

“This is a brilliant idea, to juxtapose photos and the materials that were present at the scene when the photograph was taken,” Irina Schiemann, Assistant Organiser of the exhibition told RT. “Such an approach allows the visitor maximum absorption of the true nature of conflict. Every visitor notes that.”