NATO Plans for Ukraine is ‘a Joke’

Captured Ukrainian soldiers taken out of encirclement near Ilovaisk

Captured Ukrainian soldiers taken out of encirclement near Ilovaisk

MOSCOW, September 11 (RIA Novosti) -NATO’s announcement of a new rapid response force to deploy to its Eastern front is “a joke,” said scholar and Kosciuszko Chair of Polish history at the Institute for World Politics, Marek Jan Chodakiewicz.

“NATO talked at its summit about creating a rapid reaction force. [It is] another joke, and Putin knows that,” said Chodakiewicz during a speech at the Institute for World Politics on Wednesday.

Chodakiewicz noted, that creating and mobilizing a rapid response force requires political consent. “There is no strategy for the United States; there is not a NATO strategy,” for handling the Ukrainian crisis of dealing with the impasse with Russia, Chodakiewicz told RIA Novosti. He went on to call the current approach by the NATO allies “discombobulated.”

Chodakiewicz was skeptical of the effectiveness of the military support being offered to Kiev, whose military he described as “incompetent.” After taking part in military exercises with Ukrainian forces, Chodakiewicz gave his impression of the brass saying, “You are not ready to fight. You’d like American to pull your chestnuts out of the fire.”

At the end of its September summit in Wales, NATO announced it would be increasing its rapid response force, now mostly comprised of American special forces. Additionally, it was announced that the allies would provide Ukraine with $ 19 million and lethal and nonlethal military equipment. Earlier this week, NATO and Ukrainian naval exercises took place in the Black Sea, and more exercises are planned for the future.