The Beloved Wall Mural of Joe Strummer is gone after being power blasted out of existence

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In 2003 graffiti artists Zephyr and Dr. Revolt paid homage to Joe Strummer some months after his untimely passing in 2002 by painting a beloved mural of the Man, the Myth, the Camp Fire Enthusiast on the side of E. 7th and Ave. A corner bar Niagara. That mural is no more, gone after being power blasted out of existence this weekend, reports all-knowing LES blog EV Grieve. Over the years, the wall the mural lived on had fallen into disrepair, and residents of the building had been warned it would be removed before it could be fixed. There are rumors (hopes?) Niagara may commission Dr. Revolt to repaint Strummer after said repairs, EV reports. We’ve put a call in to the bar to confirm, and will update later with anything we might hear. In the meantime, maybe watch The Future Is Unwritten on Netflix Instant to help balance out the bad vibes. Strummer mural in all its former glory after the jump.

Update: Joe Strummer Mural torn down in East Village but will return!

The mural on Niagara (E 7th Street and Avenue A) was removed since the wall needed to be worked on. According to Jesse Malin, the mural will be re-painted.

Many people liked the mural and were happy there was a place for people to think of Joe. Other New Yorkers and people who think they punker than you hate it so go figure. Nothing wrong with having a place for people to migrate to and pay tribute to Joe Strummer of The Clash. Sure, it could look like him a little bit better but it’s up to the artist how it looks.



Joe Strummer – Background information
Birth name John Graham Mellor
Born 21 August 1952
Ankara, Turkey
Died 22 December 2002 (aged 50)
Broomfield, Somerset, England
Genres Punk rock, alternative rock, world music, reggae, ska, rockabilly, funk, folk
Occupations Musician, songwriter, radio host, actor
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, bass
Years active 1970–2002
Labels CBS, Sony, Hellcat, Mercury
Associated acts The 101ers, The Clash, The Latino Rockabilly War, The Pogues, The Mescaleros
Notable instruments