Watch MGMT’s awesome, super cool album trailer, featuring aliens and the NSA !

This video is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Watch Andrew VanWyngarden waking up and being greeted by a possum in the bathroom. He joins his band mates at the studio, which is bugged by the NSA.  A different kind of bug has implanted itself inside the band’s speaker to which the NSA proclaims in horror, “The reptoids have heard the new MGMT album… They know how good it is!” Then the aliens come — and, well, if you haven’t already clicked “play” in the video below, just go ahead and do so now.

The trailer also includes a number of new songs from MGMT, including “Cool Song No. 2″, “Mystery Disease”, “I Love You Too, Death”, “Introspection”, “Your Life is a Life”, and “A Good Sadness”.

MGMT debuted the song ‘Alien Days’ live during their slot at Colombia’s Festival Estereo Picnic in March, where they also played songs such as ‘Kids’ and ‘Time To Pretend’.

They worked  on their third album ‘MGMT’, with producer Dave Fridmann at his Tarbox Road Studios in Cassadaga, Florida.  In an interview with Intercourse Magazine, frontman Andrew VanWyngarden said the new album is the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Congratulations’.

‘Congratulations’ saw the band take a step back from the mainstream after they scored hit singles with ‘Time To Pretend’ and ‘Kids’ from their 2008 debut ‘Oracular Spectacular’.

Speaking to NME about the experimental approach to the album, VanWyngarden said: “It would be wrong to say that we ever had pure intentions of being a mainstream band. We began to realise that people thought of us as this electro-pop dance act. And that’s really not who we are.”

Enjoy fully and stay weird!

MGMT Album Trailer

Watch MGMT playing their new song “Alien Days” for the first time in Bogotá Colombia, 30/03/2012 Festival Estereo Picnic.

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