Is Brooklyn The New Hollywood? Fuhgeddabout L.A.! New York’s a booming mecca for TV and film these days

New York’s Steiner Studios, among the biggest soundstages outside California, could expand significantly in the coming years, according to a report today by Julie Satow in the New York Times.

The studio’s expansion plans could transform its home, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, into one of the major centers of movie production in the country.

The expansion would more than double the size of 8-year-old Steiner Studios, adding 328,000 square feet to the existing 300,000 square feet on the lot with a back lot for shooting New York streetscape-style exteriors, space for media offices, and classrooms for the study of film and entertainment

The project is expected to take 12 years to complete and cost $400 million, $35 million of which is slated to come from New York State and New York City government coffers, pending final approval. The announcement is the latest thrust in the state and city’s campaign to make movie and television production »

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Fuhgeddabout L.A.! New York’s a booming mecca for TV and film these days