Green Day – ‘Oh Love’ video

Green Day’s “Oh Love,” shows the band playing music for some scantily clad models on couches with expressions of divinely orgasmic ecstasy, along in what appears to be a look alike set of the band’s American Idiot musical. It’s like the practices your band used to have in your parents’ basement when nobody knew you but your dog and your friends – minus the models. The song comes from ¡Uno!, the first of the band’s three new upcoming albums (the others are ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!). Singer Billie Joe Armstrong described the song as “very lustful” in an interview segment accompanying the video, which was directed by Samuel Bayer. Oh boredom.

Bland and dull.

Green Day ‘Oh Love’ – By Rolling Stone

July 17, 2012

The only politics in the first single from Green Day’s imminent three-album blitz are the sexually urgent kind, and the sole whiff of opera comes when Billie Joe Armstrong sings, “Oh love/ Won’t you rain on me tonight?” – a neat allusion to the climax of the Who’s Quadrophenia. Otherwise, this song is a tight, addicting bundle of pop-hook class and crunchy-punk fundamentals.

The entire first verse is Armstrong singing like the stark solo John Lennon – just a bright, strident vocal and crisply strummed guitar. But when Armstrong’s bandmates fall in around him, Green Day sound the way you originally loved ’em, and refreshed: heavier and hardened from their time in the trenches but back in the garage, ready for rapture.

Rolling Stone