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Passion Pit rocks the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC for Live on Letterman!


Did you miss Passion Pit LIVE performance @ Letterman Show? Don’s worry.

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About The Performance

Although things may have been looking bleak for Passion Pit and their fans this past week, the band rolled into the legendary Ed Sullivan Theatre on a warm Wednesday night for their Live on Letterman webcast looking as if they hadn’t missed a beat.

After being forced to play DJ-sets for a string of shows in Canada when approximately 75% of their gear was destroyed in a Chicago storm last week, Passion Pit showed up more than ready to hit the stage in their proper form for the first time in a whole week and gave fans a live experience that they won’t soon forget.

The band marched into the Ed Sullivan Theatre in support of their latest album “Gossamer” – the critically acclaimed followup to 2009’s “Manners” LP that had the band working tirelessly for months to perfect.

Speaking on the new songs and preceding recording process in the pre show interview, lead singer Michael Angelakos expressed how on “Gossamer”, songs like ‘Constant Conversations’ really showcase what the band is capable of, especially in a live setting.

Angelakos also went on to talk about the challenges that the band faced when all of their equipment got wrecked last week – and how the bands crew tirelessly worked to get everything up and running again as they dumped gallons of water out of the bands mellotrons, synths and more.

Fortunately, “the old rice trick” worked and the band were set to play their first non DJ-set in a week for a theatre that was packed to capacity with ‘pit fans.

Passion Pit then hit the stage, promptly at 8PM from the back of the audience and quickly got to work. The band opened the show with a blistering rendition of their new song ‘I’ll Be Alright’ and then hit right into ‘The Reeling’, off 2009’s “Manners” LP.

The band definitely appeared to be especially amped as well as relieved to be playing with their own gear again (as well as to be playing indoors). When they hit into the third song of the night, ‘Carried Away’, off 2012’s “Gossamer”, fans went completely nuts as they sang “Sorry ’bout things that I’ve said. Always let it get to my head” After incredible renditions of ‘Eyes As Candles’, ‘Take A Walk’ and ‘Constant Conversations’, the band broke into “Cry Like A Ghost”, the sixth new song of the night off 2012’s “Gossamer”. The crowd was behind the band with every word and the energy in Ed Sullivan Theatre was booming. Before closing out the show, the band surprised fans with a rendition of ‘Where I Come From’, off the 2012 soundtrack to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. Passion Pit then hit fans with their 2009 hit ‘Sleepyhead’ before saying goodbye and rounding out the show with ‘Little Secrets’ to wrap up another memorable evening at the house The Beatles built.