Musical Minds – NOVA

Musical Minds
from Jon Meredith

Can the power of music make the brain come alive? Throughout his career Dr. Oliver Sacks, neurologist and acclaimed author, whose book Awakenings was made into an Oscar-nominated feature film starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro, has encountered myriad patients who are struggling to cope with debilitating medical conditions. While their ailments vary, many have one thing in common: an appreciation for the therapeutic effects of music. NOVA follows four individuals—two of whom are Sacks’s case studies—and even peers into Sacks’s own brain, to investigate music’s strange, surprising, and still unexplained power over the human mind.


PBS’ American Masters: Pearl Jam 20 – Documentary Film

Stage Diving - The band discusses Eddie Wedder's penchant for stage diving.

Stage Diving – The band discusses Eddie Wedder’s penchant for stage diving.

Pearl Jam Twenty
About the Documentary Film

American Masters continued its 25th anniversary season with Pearl Jam Twenty, which premiered nationally Friday, October 21 at 9 p.m. on PBS. Academy Award®-winning director and music journalist Cameron Crowe creates a definitive portrait of the seminal band carved from over 1,200 hours of rarely and never-before-seen footage, plus over 24 hours of recent band interviews and concert footage. The captivating, two-hour documentary gives viewers and fans an intimate first glimpse into Pearl Jam’s journey in honor of the band’s 20th anniversary. American Masters Pearl Jam Twenty is part of the first PBS Arts Fall Festival, a multi-platform event anchored by nine films that highlight artists and performances from around the country.

Inside This Episode

About the Documentary Film

Cameron Crowe: A Love Letter to Pearl Jam

Preview Clip: Eddie Vedder’s Epic Stage Dives

Preview Clip: Chris Cornell on Temple of the Dog

Preview Clip: Writing “Release”

Preview Clip: Come Together

Interview with Pearl Jam and Director Cameron Crowe

Music Video: “Do The Evolution”

Pearl Jam Fandom: A Statistical Analysis

Clip: Guitarist Mike McCready

Clip: Eddie Vedder Smashes the Stage

Clip: Pearl Jam’s Name Change

Clip: Writing “Daughter” on Tour

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