Kan Wakan’s video for “Like I Need You”

Kanwakan Band

Kan Wakan Band


While their name sounds like that of some stuffy chartered accountant, Kan Wakan is a slightly hipper outfit. Back in 2012, producer/multi-instrumentalist Gueorgui Linev started the project as a way to create minimalist classical music. Shortly thereafter, he was joined by singer Kristianne Bautista and producer/guitarist Peter Potyondy, who helped push the sound toward an amalgamation of soul, post-rock, psych-rock, electronic/EDM, and noir jazz.

It was a move that proved to be quite successful for the trio, garnering them praise throughout greater LA and landing them atop several “about to blow up” lists. They eventually faciliated all that local hype into studio sessions with A-list producer Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Beck, Gnarls Barkley, Air). The result of those six months in the studio is their poignant and striking full-length debut, Moving On, out now via Verve Music Group.

Among the 11-tracks is the infectious lead single “Like I Need You”. Even if you’ve never heard it in full, it might still be familiar, as it soundtracked several TV spots for HBO’s Game of Thrones. Now, the band’s released their own accompanying visuals, and they’ve gone a slightly different direction than dragons and ice zombies. Instead, the clip tells the tale of a dock worker who gets involved into some shady side dealings involving drugs. Not only does it have a gritty, Only God Forgives-esque feel, but the intense clip is actually a perfect interpretation for the sleek, bluesy number.

Watch it below:



Led Zeppelin premiere new video for ‘Whole Lotta Love’

A new version of classic 1969 track features on expanded version of ‘Led Zeppelin II’

Published on May 27, 2014

From Led Zeppelin II (Deluxe Edition) – Led Zeppelin’s remastered second album will include additional companion audio with unreleased studio outtakes To be released on multiple CD, vinyl, and digital formats as well as a Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box. Details on all formats are here: http://www.ledzeppelin.com.
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The official music video for Led Zeppelin – “Whole Lotta Love (Rough Mix With Vocal)”
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Website – http://www.ledzeppelin.com

New Music: PREMIERE: Unreleased Track By Lost Psych Legends Ramases

Ramases and Selket

Ramases and Selket


This Was The World heralds posthumous revival for the heating engineer turned ancient Egyptian rock god.

THE SWIRLING PSYCH EDDIES of Ramases’ 1971 album Space Hymns were hymned in MOJO magazine’s Buried Treasure column in 2014, a not-before-time celebration of its heady mix of spiritual rebirth, eco-conscious vibes and hippy forthrightness.

One of a select coterie of contemporary converts was Swedish actor Peter Stormare – since then, an intimidating presence in Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and Prison Break. Currently the owner-operator of his own Stormvox album, he has declared his love for Ramases by facilitating a career-encompassing 6-disc box set, out today.

Here’s a taste of its arcane riches, in the shape of unreleased bonus track, This Was The World…



Ramases was the creation and alter-ego of Barrington Frost, a former army PT instructor turned central heating engineer born in Sheffield. Adopting the persona of an Egyptian Pharaoh, the former jazz singer embarked on a pop career in earnest in 1968, involving wife Dorthy, renamed for the Egyptian goddess of cures and protection, Selket.

Interesting Herman’s Hermits manager Harvey Lisberg in their quirky, mystic chant-songs, the duo decamped to Strawberry Studios in Stockport to craft Space Hymns with the aid of the group Hotlegs – soon to be rather better known as 10cc. Sadly, Space Hymns, and a more skeletal and downbeat follow-up album, Glass Top Coffin (1975) failed to deliver widespread recognition and, bedevilled by mental health issues, Barrington Frost died by his own hand in 1978.

Available from today, the 6-disc Ramases set by Stormvox Records includes:
 1. Space Hymns (re-mastered); 
2. Space Hymns (rarities)
; 3. Glass Top Coffin (re-mastered)
; 4. Glass Top Coffin (rarities); 
5. Singles & Bonuses
; 6. A Tribute to… (covers)

For more information on Ramases and Stormvox Records visit www.stormvox.com

And here’s Stormare on the genius of Ramases…


The 6-disc Ramases set by Stormvox Records includes:
1. Space Hymns (re-mastered)
2. Space Hymns (rarities)
3. Glass Top Coffin (re-mastered)
4. Glass Top Coffin (rarities)
5. Singles & Bonuses
6. A Tribute to… (covers)

For more information on Ramases and Stormvox Records

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