The Old 97’s Band – Recreating the Past as an Anniversary Gift to Fans

Great write up on the Old 97’s band in the New York Times

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Old 97’s – Time Bomb

Old 97’s – Dance With Me

“The Old 97s may be an alt-country band, but there was no shortage of pedal-to-the-floor rocking, complete with a few hundred 10.0 hair whips from frontman Rhett Miller.” ~ Todd Owyoung

The Old 97’s band frontman Rhett Miller.

The Old ’97s band performing at Showbox.

The Old 97’s band frontman Rhett Miller

Where is Rhett Miller these days?

American Songwriter Live: Rhett Miller – “Lost Without You”

Published on May 24, 2012 by AmerSongwriter

Rhett Miller performs “Lost Without You” from his solo album “The Dreamer” at the American Songwriter office.

Audio recorded and mixed by Steve Martin. Video shot and edited by Neal Dahlgren. Text by Caine O’Rear.

American Songwriter Live: Rhett Miller
By American Songwriter May 24th, 2012

It seems that even Rhett Miller, one of the most accomplished songwriters of his generation, gets stuck from time to time. “Lost Without You,” a tune from Miller’s forthcoming solo album The Dreamer, is a jaunty, five-minute ditty of new love found and quickly lost. But the writing of the tune did not come easily.

“I had been wrestling with it for months,” the Old 97′s frontman says of his solo album’s lead-off track. “I’d written this little beginning that I thought was good but I knew that the chorus was failing.”

Help arrived soon in the form of singer-songwriter Ben Kweller, whom Miller met up with in Austin during a break in touring. “Ben really pulled this out of me. He’s a great co-writer. I was lucky to be able to write this song.”

Watch the video to see the magical results.