PREMIERE: Hear Gemma Ray’s Seismic Shake Baby Shake


Enjoy a red velvet curtain swish of pop noir from Essex-born, Berlin-based drama queen.

A red velvet curtain swish of pop noir, Shake Baby Shake pairs a seismic metaphor for a tumultuous love affair with slow-building melodic drama.

“Take me to the centre of the mouth of Mount Vesuvius / The centre of the universe,” she swoons, beginning a stream of mischievous volcanic imagery of elemental thrust and shaking ocean floor.

An Essex girl transposed to Berlin, Ray’s lovely voice and the song’s coiling melody sound deceptively light and fragile but soon grow into more elaborate patterns; prettily complex, like bird footprints on sand. No wonder the esteemed likes of Alan Vega and Howe Gelb were persuaded to contribute to her new album.