Gojira – Mario Duplantier Drum Solo @Babelec Festival

Mario Duplantier

Mario Duplantier (born June 19, 1981) is a French musician and artist who is the drummer of the French Death Metal band, Gojira. Dude’s a beast. And he’s funny and cute too.

Earlier this year MetalSucks polled its staff to determine The Top 25 Modern Metal Drummers, and after an incredible amount of arguing and name calling, they finalized the list! The only requirements to be eligible for the list were that the musician in question had to a) play metal (duh), b) play drums (double-duh), and c) have recorded something in the past five years.

“Following the conclusion of our list of The Top 25 Modern Metal Drummers last month, we asked you, our beloved readers, to weigh in, and weigh-in you have: Gojira’s Mario Duplantier is the winner, with 212 votes from people who understood how to follow instructions and properly vote in the poll, and five votes from people who did not. Duplantier, you may recall, was actually #2 on our list, so it seems that the discrepancy between our tastes and your own is not that vast this time!, wrote MetalSucks.

Mario Duplantier

It can’t be easy being the drummer of one of the heaviest, best and critically acclaimed metal bands on Planet Earth. Especially not when your brother is the [handsome] frontman and guitarist, two roles that usually attract more attention from the masses than drummers do. But perhaps there’s nothing like a good old fashioned case of sibling rivalry to motivate a fire under one’s ass; not only has Mario Duplantier managed to make his presence in the band felt in an incredibly tangible way, but he’s become a bonafide standout superstar within Gojira’s ranks and he’s absolutely, without question, one of the greatest drummers in modern metal.

Of course, when all this began in 1996, in a garage near the Basque city of Baiona (Bayonne in french), South East of France, under the GODZILLA moniker the motivations of the Duplantier brothers (Joe on guitar/lead vocals and Mario on drums) and their band fellows Jean Michel Labadie (on bass) and Christian Andreu (guitar) were less than sophisticated. But even through the thinnest booklet of their first demo cover issued under the predictable title Possessed still emerged the first signs of their future emancipation.

GODZILLA might have been a big green monster smashing down cardboard buildings, taken from Japanese science-fiction films from the 60s deemed out of style today, but it was also a metaphor about the threat of nuclear weapons with which man plays, unconscious of the consequences

Due to legal rights, GODZILLA changed its name to GOJIRA right before their first album. GOJIRA is in fact the Japanese translation of its original name. Even though the music had already changed, the way of doing things stayed the same. So call it whatever you want: an ecological thought, a politically correct speech, a 50% new age and 50% hippie mentality the band, itself, remains the same since birth.

Take a look at the signature sticks developed for Mario Duplantier, the powerful and technically precise drummer who forms the backbone of France’s extreme metal monster Gojira.

Today, there is much blabbering about how to take care of our planet and watch over its well-being. There is idle talk about the future shortage of petrol, about the ozone layer or even about the extension of the webbed footed rabbit of Uzbekistan. But nothing is done about it. Nothing at all

But GOJIRA does react. They put their foot down. They even take a hammer and give a blow to a blind audience. We have forgotten our planet, this Unknown Planet which we have lost track of Terra Incognita(Latin “unknown land”) being the first warning shot in 2001). We must then renew our links with it before its too late (The Link, being second call to order 3 years later).

After more than 300 concerts in France and abroad, and a live DVD sold to 2500 copies nationally without the support of a big distributor and after the recognition from the public (more than 8000 copies of The Link album sold in France) it was about time for GOJIRA to explode which is currently happening.

Recorded at home in the studios of the Milans, From Mars to Sirius is an album of revolt, where ancestral forces of dragons are mentioned, the ocean shows its anger and all codes are red lighted. An album where action has taken over speech. Revolution is coming. So take a step ahead of it before it crushes you…


Gojira – Mario Duplantier Drum Solo