Morrissey [The Smiths] – Action Is My Middle Name – David Letterman Jan 8, 2013

Morrissey visited the Late Show With David Letterman last night to set the record straight, performing “Action Is My Middle Name” with characteristic theatricality. It was a prelude of sorts to the dapper singer resuming a U.S. tour that he cut short last fall, though one song wasn’t quite enough time for Morrissey to unbutton his jacket, never mind rip open his shirt or crack wise to the audience. Come to think of it, “Action” is a fitting middle name for Steven Patrick Morrissey.

Morrissey will be performing at the Gilman Opera House of the Brooklyn Academic of Music (BAM) on January 11. Check our upcoming concerts 2013=NYC post for tickets availability. This guy is a great singer/songwriter and performer. Welcome back to NYC, Morrissey!