Animal Collective: “Today’s Supernatural” (via YouTube)

Photos by @atibaphoto

Since their 2009 breakthrough album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Animal Collective have done exceptionally well staying busy without worrying about a proper follow-up. There have been solo albums (Dave “Avey Tare” Portner’s Down There, Noah “Panda Bear” Lennox’s Tomboy), an experimental DVD, a live box set, and a fine EP. They’ve played a lot of shows. Things have shifted in their personal lives. Portner has moved away from the East Coast for the first time, and now lives in Los Angeles. Lennox has two children with his wife in Portugal. Brian “Geologist” Wietz is married and has a child. And Josh “Deakin” Dibb is back in the fold, writing songs and performing with the group, after taking a hiatus from the band after 2007’s Strawberry Jam.

Amid all this change, Animal Collective found the time to create a new album. They got together to write in their hometown of Baltimore for three months in early 2011. They hadn’t lived there together in years. It was stressful. And once they had the songs they wanted, they recorded them in El Paso, Texas, again with the assistance of Merriweather producer Ben Allen. They called the record Centipede Hz. (Stream the album in full here.)


Published on Jul 29, 2012 by DominoRecords

‘Today’s Supernatural’ is the first single from Animal Collective’s new album Centipede Hz, out September 3rd / 4th on Domino. Stream the album in full on Animal Collective Radio –

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