After the arrest of 4 people (two of them released afterwards and two sent to prison) in Biarritz on May 28 and the alleged seizure of a weapon dump, according to press 26 handguns and several hundred kilos of explosive components were seized, ETA made a press release on June 6th to explain its opinion on the issue.

ETA denounces that the police raid has been a direct attack against the ongoing sealing of its weaponry, and even if the French prosecutor has denied the information, several media have hinted that the seized weaponry had been sealed.

International complaint about the “lack of ethics” of the Spanish National Court’s forensic doctors

Doctors Susana Etchegoyen and Mirta Fabre have informed today, June 2nd 2015, in Bilbao about the complaint registered in the World Medical Association on May 18th by a series of health professionals and human rights organizations of Argentina against the “serious lack of ethics” on the part of the forensic doctors of the Spanish National Court, which they accuse of covering-up cases of torture or cruel treatment for those detained for political motives. (Original article by Agustin Goikoetxea for – ES).

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