Muse Rock Madison Square Garden

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Muse at Madison Square Garden

With lead singer Matthew Bellamy’s piercing, Freddie Mercury quality falsetto leading the charge, Muse kept their performance theatrical and provocative during the first of two MSG performances this week.

It was a more comfortable stage presence than I’ve seen the group display in the past; rather than relying on perfectly timed strobe lights and visual elements, the special effects actually felt just as they should: special.

Bellamy’s confident, ’80’s hair metal-level strut was a particularly assertive move that kept the use of the screens surrounding the stage and tiered pyramid of even more screens, that would showcase futuristic, sci-fi clips whenever the pyramid was lowered to the center of the stage, from becoming an overwhelming presence.

The English band Muse loves science concepts. It opened its Madison Square Garden concert on Tuesday night with “The 2nd Law: Unsustainable”: a warning, based on the second law of thermodynamics, that entropy makes an economy based on endless growth unsustainable. (The song, from Muse’s 2012 album, “The 2nd Law,” is also a trendy blast of dubstep, disrupting one of the band’s many somber keyboard introductions with a bass upheaval and a swooping synthesizer.)

The Boston Marathon bombing attack may have shaken up the nation, but it didn’t stop people from attending sporting events and concerts. Rock band Muse played Madison Square Garden on Monday night to an enthusiastic crowd.

During the show, Muse lead singer Matthew Bellamy called out “This is for Boston!” and played the National Anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner.

There was understandably a nervous energy about being part of such a large group the day of a horrendous attack, but when the National Anthem played the crowd erupted in solidarity.

It was a wonderful moment of tribute on a very difficult day for Americans.

Remember, keep calm and carry on.

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